Feb 11 2016


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I went through a Jacqueline Susann kick maybe 15 years ago, when I read Barbara Seaman's bio on the self-invented celebrity, Lovely Me. Actually, Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.17.51 AMthe meaty bio is far better written than Susann's own most famous work—Valley of the Dolls—and I would say I'm a lot more fascinated by Susann's drive and by the story behind her creation of a personal brand than I am by her wayward way with words.

But the book, which spawned that unforgettable movie with Susan Hayward, Patty Duke and Sharon Tate, is now 50 years old, a birthday The Guardian's Martin Chilton celebrates with a look back at Susann's tenacious ability to sell a book that the public did not initially want to buy. She and her husband invested time in traveling the country to hard-sell it to bookstore clerks (who would recommend it), give away free copies and even purchase copies from stores whose sales were counted by the influential New York Times (a trick Scientology was rumored to employ to help its publications).

Ever read it?


6-PACK — James Franco's Selfie-Involved + What Hillary Learned From Obama + Idris Elba Available + Trans Basher Shamed + ZOOLANDER's Pop-Up Shop + JACK & KAREN!

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New Look😎

A photo posted by James Franco (@jamesfrancotv) on

*widget boy cultureJames Franco reminds us he's hot.

*widget boy cultureHillary learned her lesson superdelegates.

*widget boy cultureIdris Elba is SINGLE, ladies. (“Ladies” being the operative word.)

*widget boy cultureTrans woman snaps pic of her basher—who is this woman?

*widget boy cultureZoolander 2 pop-up store in NYC is can't-miss.

*widget boy cultureNOT JUST JACK: Sean Hayes & Megan Mulally reunite at Burrows-special filming:



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VIDEO PREMIERE: Check Out Rossy's ROSES [Acoustic]

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RossyVideo still via Rossy

Happy V-Day, in advance!

Unnamed-1Rossy (Image courtesy of Rossylive.com)

Rossy, from hip-hop duo V1BE is debuting the romantic video for his equally romantic acoustic cover of “Roses” by the Chainsmokers below ...

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Having Your Back In The Day: Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders Are Both Pro-LGBT

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Um, no politicians fully had your lesbian back in 1992, Rachel Maddow. It was enough that they didn't have pitchforks aimed at your front.

I was 19 in 1992 when Bill Clinton was running on the Democratic side and at the 1992 Republican convention, Pat Buchanan got up there and gave this culture-war speech where he basically declared a crusade against minorities and particularly gay people. And as a gay person watching that in 1992, I didn't feel like Bill Clinton had my back. I didn't feel like the Democratic party had my back.—Rachel Maddow

I'm with Kenneth on this. I remember feeling great about the Clintons. I was bummed by Don't Ask, Don't Tell (and for whatever crazy reason was so young I didn't flinch over DOMA at the time), but it seemed a vast improvement over what came before, even if it's perfectly fair to use it as an example of Clintonian triangulation. I just feel like the time frame matters, and I suppose some people focus on bravery and others focus on political reality.

Certainly, most gay people I ever met in the '90s felt the Clintons were the first friendly first family when it came to gay people. In 1992, just having a first family willing to admit they didn't think gay people were deviants was a huge deal. I understand it's not good enough now, 20+ years later, but until we get to the point where prospective candidates were too all too young or not even born in before the rise of the marriage-equality movement, it seems counterproductive to argue over who was pro-gay first and hardest—that conversation should matter when it comes to handing out gay-icon medals, not the White House.

Speaking of ancient history, anti-Sanders folks are circulating a 1982, Evangelical-approved marriage-week proclamation that then-Mayor Sanders signed off on. Really? Bernie wasn't a dyed-in-the-wool LGBT crusader in 1982, so that means something? Yeah, it means about as much as the one about how Hillary was a Goldwater girl ... 50 years ago.

Elizabeth Warren was a Goldwater girl until 20 years ago, but I wouldn't doubt her progressive cred over it.

Hillary Clinton is not Harry Hay. Bernie Sanders is not Harvey Milk.

Now. Let's talk about who would probably be the better president.


Johnny Depp Is Better In THE ART OF THE DEAL As Donald Trump Than He's Ever Been In A Tim Burton Movie

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DonaldTrump“I had my own Vietnam. I had to start up with nothing but the shirt on my back and the small, million-dollar loan from my father.”—Depp as Trump (Video still via Funny or Die)

Funny or Die secretly filmed a 50-minute mockumentary based on Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal in December, and have released it to coincide with Trump's unlikely status as the 2016 GOP frontrunner.

Johnny Depp's performance as Donald Trump rivals Trump's own. I think Bette Midler is probably a big fan of the production:


Watch it after the jump ...

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Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie Drop Presidential Bids

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CarlyFiorinaImage via CarlyFiorina.com

Now Carly Fiorina can spend more time with her husband. (Remember: She started it.) And Chris Christie can go back under that bridge he lives under.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.49.55 AMImage via ChrisChristie.com

Feb 10 2016

Gwen Stefani: Live!

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Gwen Stefani is taking a novel approach to the music video for her single “Make Me Like You”—the video will air live on CBS on February 15 during a Grammys commercial break!

From a press release:

Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT) and three-time GRAMMY Award-winning superstar Gwen Stefani announced today that they are Gwen-Stefanicollaborating to produce the first music video ever created on live television. The action will unfold live on CBS as part of a four-minute commercial break during the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards® on Feb. 15. Target’s groundbreaking campaign supports Stefani’s third studio album, “This Is What the Truth Feels Like,” which will be released March 18 on Interscope Records. An exclusive Target deluxe edition featuring four bonus tracks is now available for pre-order on Target.com ($13.99). A standard version of the album will be available for pre-order at all other partners on February 12th.

“Target has an incredible legacy of creating unexpected moments in music, and I’m thrilled to be partnering with them to create my new music video on live television next Monday,” said Stefani ...

For the latest news about the creation of the live music video for “Make Me Like You” and the Target exclusive deluxe edition of “This Is What the Truth Feels Like,” fans can visit ABullseyeView.com.


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