Mar 04 2015

Your Nightly Briefing

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Via VJ Brendan: Jacob Lomas by Machki Studio.



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Via Your Daily Drool.


Ends Of The World

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Via this awesome Twitter feed.


Straight, Up The Ass

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Straight guy tries a butt toy for the very first time. Things get a little sticky!


Race Closed

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The Justice Department didn't find evidence to charge Officer Darren Wilson with civil rights violations in the death of Michael Brown. Wilson has said he feared for his life.

It did, however, release a scathing report that paints a picture of a racial powder keg created by the Ferguson police department. #yeahnokidding


Showered With Attention

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Derek Theler would make an excellent baby daddy. More of him here.


Need To Know: Madame POTUS + Photoshop-Lifter + Gay Traitor: The Sequel + Chelsea's Still Dead + Roast Beefcake + Sorry/Not Sorry + MORE!

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Hillary-ClintonHillary broke an emailing rule, so Republicans think that's gonna disqualify her?

*widget boy culture“Don't you someday wanna see a woman President of the United States of America?”

*widget boy cultureLambda Literary Award nominees announced.

*widget boy cultureAnna Allen is shameless and not very talented.

*widget boy cultureHey, Lance Black, your pal Ken Mehlman is still an anti-gay gay.

*widget boy cultureObamacare is in danger. Again.

*widget boy cultureBen Carson thinks gayness is the same as prison rape.

*widget boy cultureKate McKinnon & Chris Hemsworth are the new Hope & Lamour.

Chris-HemsworthNo lesbian too small.

*widget boy cultureMore on why Chelsea is a thing of the past.

*widget boy culture50 weird facts about gay history.

*widget boy cultureShirtless, reasonably hunky Justin Bieber parodies Justin Bieber.

*widget boy cultureHour-long Madonna mega-mix!

*widget boy cultureKoch Brothers vs. Everglades.

*widget boy cultureLeonard DiCaprio's got a beard.

*widget boy cultureRussell Tovey's sarcastic apology.

*widget boy cultureSlow-mo nude run (Work Unfriendly) is mesmerizing.

NudeThe only way to get me to run is to place this in front of me.




WIN IT: The New Kelly Clarkson Album PIECE BY PIECE!

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