Dec 22 2014

Ends Of The World

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Where? The Deep South!

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Garcon Model Underwear - Skye Tan - Felipe Anibal - Brazilian Trunks

Garçon Model is celebrating the arrival of summer in the southern hemisphere, which is as good an excuse as any to release these shots of Brazilian model Felipe Anibal sporting their Brazilian/Espanola trunks.

Garcon Model Underwear - Skye Tan - Felipe Anibal - Espanola Trunks


51 Years Later

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Missed the 51st anniversary last month, but found this original front page of The Flint Journal, my mom's hometown newspaper, in her scrapbook during our last visit. It interested me that JFK's survival for an hour after the shooting was a major beat in their story.


For Your Thighs Only

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Gifs That Keep On Giving

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Ad Men

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EXCLUSIVE: WeHo Fave Baby Jane Collectibles Closing

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Sad news: My friend Roy Windham, a longtime expert on Hollywood memorabilia and photography, will be closing his popular Baby Jane Collectibles location in the French Market at the end of January. The landlords are going to re-do the location so need him out. While he was invited to come back after the closure and renovations, the expense of moving out and back in (and the uncertainty of the actual outcome once he's vamoosed) has led him to decide to move on.

Roy's been an entertainment dealer for 35 years, and had been in that location for 22!

Hopefully, Baby Jane will land somewhere fabulous soon. Check it out if you haven't ASAP—it's a one-of-a-kind place.