Nov 01 2014

Curse Of The Spider Women: Horror Stories

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Curse-of-the-Black-WidowSurfing the web

Burnt-offerings-19I spent Halloween with my buddies Jason and Max, watching Space Station 76 (I totally did not get this movie, not even with three of the hottest men in the world—Matt Bomer, 37; Patrick Wilson, 41; and Matthew Morrison, 36, doing a “Princess Leia” hologram thang—in it) and then Burnt Offerings, the 1976 genre film about a house that rejuvenates itself by feasting on the families that stay within its walls. The latter did not have three of the hottest men in the world in it, but did have a crazy-good cast: Karen Black (1939—2013), Oliver Reed (1938—1999), Eileen Heckart (1919—2001), Burgess Meredith (1907—1997), '70s child star Lee Montgomery, 52, and...oh, yeah...Bette Fucking Davis (1908—1989).

Karen-BlackBlack in Trilogy of Terror, deliciously evil Anthony James, 72, in Burnt Offerings

Burnt Offerings is pretty bad, with Black seemingly having been told to act as if in a silent film, and many over-the-top instances that would have had black theater-goers shouting, “Get! Out! Of! The! June allysonHouse!” but we had fun with it. Watching it reminded me that I'd love to re-watch Curse of the Black Widow, a long-forgotten 1977 TV movie about sisters (Donna Mills, 73, and Patty Duke, 67), one of whom was bitten by spiders as a kid and now transforms herself into a giant spider to drain the blood of her victims.

I looked it up and wouldn't ya know it? Curse of the Black Widow and Burnt Offerings share a producer/director, the late Dan Curtis (1927—2006), who was also responsible for the terribly good Trilogy of Terror (1975). Karen Black deserved an Emmy for the latter, as well as an exorcism.

Watch the entire Curse of the Black Widow [also featuring Tony Franciosa (1928—2006), June Allyson (1917—2006) and Sid Caesar (1922—2014)] after the jump...

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Midnight Snack

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Oct 31 2014

Your Nightly Briefing

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Long johns



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The rest of this picture is just as hot!


Guy Talk

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Guy Pearce

Acclaimed Aussie actor Guy Pearce is launching a music career, starting with this Vanessa Daou-meets-Chris Isaak tune “Storm” (after the jump) and the more recent “Taste”...

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Ends Of The World

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You Have Placed A Chiller In My Heart: A Return Trip To Old Jersey

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  Then-now-Jeremy-Jackson 19-Jeremy Then-now-Joyce-Randolph 1-Dawn Then-now-Dawn-Wells 18-Jimmie Then-now-Good-Times 10-Marion-Ross Then-now-Marion-Ross 3-Cindy Then-now-Cindy-Williams 4-David Then-now-David-Chokachi 11-Sally Then-now-Sally-Kellerman 12-Tatum Then-now-Tatum-O'Neal 13-Teri Then-now-Teri-Garr 17-Jimmy-Kristy Then-now-Jimmy-Kristy-McNichol 2-Ann Then-now-ann-cusack 5-Debby Then-now-Debby-Boone 6-Diana Then-now-Diana-Canova 7-Jaason Then-now-Jaason-Simmons 8-John Then-now-John-Amos 9-Zacherle Then-now-John-Zacherle 14-Traci Then-now-Traci-Lords 15-Tracy Then-now-Tracy-Reiner 16-Martin Then-now-Village-of-the-Damned

Above, check out a gallery of 20+ stars, then and now!

Twice a year, I get on a train to New Jersey in the early morning hours, spend a day hustling to get autographs and pic-withs from celebrities who sell those things at an event called Chiller Theatre, then attempt to make it home in one piece. I've had two disastrous experiences—a crippling snowstorm and the time I was overwhelmed by a virus. This time, the worst thing that happened to me was spending hours waiting for a signed picture with Honeymooners star Joyce Randolph, who most people I told the story to thought was long dead. (SPOILER ALERT: She's not.)


For the second time, I arm-twisted my friend John to be my starfucking wingman. How I got him to meet me at 7AM and carry my bag and take all my pic-withs, I'll never know. But I think he has a couple more in him before he refuses the job, which he will...eventually.

MusclesHe was assisting—and upstaging?—the Baywatch boys.

Our first roadblock was when we arrived and no shuttle from the Sheraton was there to greet us at the station. A serious-faced young nerd took it upon himself to call the place and, in an almost alarmingly professional tone, inquire as to the fucking whereabouts of our transporation, only to be told they weren't supposed to have shuttles until after 10AM (an hour after the early-bird tickets we held went into effect), but would send one ASAP. Long minutes passed until he called back, only to be told the hotel wouldn't send its first shuttle until 10:50AM! It was beyond stupid for them to leave people at the station like that, though they passively blamed Chiller.

We paid $20 for a town car (the driver was dozing near the train tracks), but the kid rode free since he'd been our mouthpiece.

Keep reading for my take on the stars I encountered...

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In The Dark

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Via Hero: Male super model Mathias Lauridsen by Hugh Lippe, styling by Gro Curtis.