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May 24 2018

Trump Says Kneeling NFLers Maybe SHOULDN'T BE IN THIS COUNTRY

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Another First Amendment broadside.

Trump's comment that NFL players maybe shouldn't be in the U.S. is one breath away from, “Go back to Africa.”


May 23 2018

Signs Of The Times

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IMG_4109(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)


Andrew Garfield Recalls The Emergence Of His Hormone Monster, First Kiss

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Andrew GarfieldAndrew Garfield's unnameable desires ... (Video still via CBS)

Angels of America star Andrew Garfield recalls his lusty teen years, including his Braveheart-esque first kiss ...

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You're Welcome: Tightie Whitie Totty

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Da6wRTZU0AEQRV5.jpg-large(Image of Trevor Signorino by Saverio Cardia)

Hunk du Jour has great taste, and I bet he tastes great!


Oh, All Of It SHADE: New Book To Contrast Trump & Obama

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170524-stern-souza-shade-tease_piv8yx(Images by Pete Souza)

Pete Souza, who photographed President Obama and the Russian gofer who cheated to defeat Hillary Clinton, just announced a new book of photos to compare and contrast the two men.

It's called Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents, and this is me upon hearing the news:


Keep reading for the full release ...

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NYC Dunkin' Donuts Employee Goes Off On Customer: MONKEY GAY

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33045720_2147623308588465_1219063696022568960_nRobyn Banks, an NYC drag personality, just wanted a little Dunkin' Donuts — not a whole lot of attitude. But alas, it was not to be.

When Robyn, who is black, entered and ordered, a woman behind the counter was already in a mood after fighting with another black customer. She messed up the very specific order, then decreed that it would not be corrected and no refunds would be issued, calling Robyn a “monkey gay.”

This kind of bullshit happens all the time, and while it happens to people of all types, it would be willfully ignorant to think it doesn't happen more often to POC and gay people.

Incredibly, the woman who went on the tirade bragged that she has “job security.”

Dunkin' Donuts should see to it that she eats those words with sprinkles on top.

Keep reading for Robyn's account ...

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Matt Bomer On Being Totally Nude Onstage

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Matt BomerHow did this not happen on the night I was there?! (Video still via NBC)

Matt Bomer confessed to Jimmy Fallon that he forgot a towel he needed in a shower scene, leaving him 100% nude onstage in The Boys in the Band ...

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Chris Hemsworth & Other Stars With Their Doubles + RIP Philip Roth & Clint Walker + Harvey Milk Stoli Bottle + Cody Christian & Daniel Ezra Shirtless + Boy Scout Shamed + Caitlyn Turns On Trump + Stacey Abrams Triumps + MORE! —12-PACK

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Above: Keith Laue has a spring in his step.

Below: Keep reading for Chris Hemsworth and his body double, Philip Roth dies at 85, the Harvey Milk Stoli bottle, Mimi Imfurst apologizes, Cody Christian and Daniel Ezra stripped to the wait, plus more ...

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