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Oct 21 2018

Your Nightly Briefing: The Modus Vivendi Jock Line

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MV_JOCK_Line_Lifestyle_NOLogo (11)(All images via Modus Vivendi)

Make way for the Modus Vivendi Jock Line!

MV_JOCK_Line_Lifestyle_NOLogo (8)

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Signs Of The Times

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IMG_1260(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)


Matt Corrias Fantasy Shoot

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Icônes Rock - (2)I'd call it androgynous, but that bulge kills it. (All images by Baldovino Barani)
FACTORY Fanzine XVII's Icônes Rock features Matt Corrias photographed and styled by Baldovino Barani ...

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Oct 20 2018

Bully Pulpit: Preachy REACH Sometimes Gets It Right

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UnnamedJordan Doww & Garrett Clayton (Image via movie still)

Reach, the teen family drama about suicide, bullying and drug addiction starring Garrett Clayton, has some bright spots that rise above quite a few strikes against it.

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New York Seen

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IMG_0310(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Well, she did keep her feet off the seat.


Oct 19 2018

I'd Still Say YAS: New LGBTQ Web Series Is Anything But A Drag

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0(Image via David Mandell)

I've seen and even helped promote a lot of LGBTQ Web series, some fresh, some rotten, but trust me when I tell you that — whether you love it or do not — Yas Kween is the former ...

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The Genuine Article: A Review Of CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME?

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98522909-18f7-4e6c-8c50-91b3062e77e0-CYEFMMobile.max-2000x2000Book 'er (Image via Fox Searchlight)

Lee Israel (1939-2014) was a noted biographer who turned to selling forged literary letters — and famously got caught. Though she didn't live to see the film based on her confessional memoir, she couldn't have asked for a better or more empathy-generating actress than Melissa McCarthy to portray her. McCarthy (who replaced Julianne Moore) has a built-in charm that counteracts Israel's reputed anti-charm. Even though McCarthy studiously tamps down her appealingly broad persona, she can't help but make Israel into a sympathetic curmudgeon, albeit one who is portrayed in the script as brusque, rude and disloyal to everyone but her ailing cat.

In spite of those traits, we can't help but root for the disheveled wordsmith who can't compete with the Tom Clancys of the world.

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BOY Released: First BOY ERASED Soundtrack Song Is Here

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Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 12.12.21 PM(Image via Back Lot Music)

“Revelation,” that hauntingly catchy tune from Boy Erased — a sure Oscar nominee for Best Song — is out now. Buy it here, here it there ...


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