Jul 05 2015

The Ocean Is The Sharks' House ...

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She needs to do stand-up because she had me falling down when she brought up what happens to chickens and pigs ...

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Virgin Territory

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Madonna's “Like a Virgin” vocals, isolated, are delicious ...

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Unshaved By The Ball

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Via Jesse Jackman: This guy's Tiffani Thiessen Speedo is 9021OMFG.



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Via my Instagram.

Jul 04 2015

Graham Cracks Speaking Of A Democrat

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Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham has a lotta love for ... Joe Biden ...

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Ends Of The World: Stan Wawrinka

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French Open champ Stan Wawrinka tells ESPN magazine that he doesn't work out, and that his body is all for tennis. He then proceeds to unveil his body for the mag's Body Issue.

I'm jumping over the net on this one!

One more after the jump ...

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... And Yet Ugly Male Pontificators Are Everywhere You Look!

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Michael Eisner, former Disney CEO, had the balls to say—to Goldie Hawn's face—that she was a rarity in Hollywood, a truly beautiful woman who was also funny. Hawn demurred that she felt like an ugly duckling, but should have pushed back on his grotesque generalization.

Along with the two he seemed to suggest were exceptions who proved the rule:

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... he's also forgetting:

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Ari-GoldPhoto: Montana Vasquez for Freedom Kingdom, Inc.
I've been a fan of Ari Gold's for 22 years, ever since I bumped into him (we were toddlers) in line for Girlie Show tickets. Since then, he's become a creative out musical artist, one whose “Where the Music Takes You” compares favorably to all the best dance tracks of the past decade.
Gold Nation_Soundtrack To Freedom_MiniFront cover revealed!
Now, coming August 7 to iTunes, he's back with a new project released under the name GoldNation. I haven't been able to hear all the music yet (no one has), but we can now check out the sexy album artwork for Soundtrack to Freedom.
Gold Nation_Soundtrack To Freedom_Back CoverBack cover = track listing!
 From a press release:
Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 4.14.45 PM
The album's lead single, “Sex Like a Pornstar,” is already out—way out!—and heating up dance floors.
Ari tells Boy Culture exclusively: 
“For fans and new members of the GoldNation, it’s mirror-balls-to-the-wall beats and hooks. It’s my own personal Soundtrack to Freedom, and I hope it will be yours too.”
Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 4.18.07 PM