Feb 01 2015

Whitney's Daughter Reportedly Brain-Dead

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To die in a tub like your mom did three years later—so tragic. But it appears that the initial report of Bobbi Kristina being in a coma was one of those optimistic announcements that really meant to expect grim news a few days later: She is reportedly brain-dead.


Bowl Cut

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This was the main thing I kept thinking during Katy Perry's performance.

It was cute, very effervescent. I've never been a big fan and it's painful watching her dance, but she looked beautiful and there's no denying her songs' hit factor. Odd to have Lenny Kravitz on “I Kissed a Girl”, unless it was to de-gay it a bit.


Ends Of The World

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AssMore like this here...



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Guy-GuydarMore surreptitious portraits at my Instagram


Chair, Bored Of The Man

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If you don't like Chris Christie, watching this chair reject him might put a smile on your face.


Midnight Snack

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Visit Poison Paradise.

Jan 31 2015

11 O'Clock Number: Radiohead - CREEP

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Who doesn't want a perfect body?...

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