Apr 01 2015

Signs Of The Times

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Wired: Classic MOMMIE DEAREST Gifs

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In honor of the news that Faye Dunaway is revisiting Mommie Dearest (1980) in a new memoir, check out some of the best-ever animated gifs that from classic/classically bad film.



You're Wecome

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Need To Know: Mommie Issues A Book! + CATFISH Fever + For Ryan, Out Loud + Moore Talent + Kiddie Porn??? + Savage Attack + MORE!

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Faye Dunaway Mommie DearestAre you one of her fans?

*widget boy cultureFaye Dunaway shocks w/o makeup, sells home, revisits Mommie Dearest.

*widget boy cultureThis revealing pic may make you a Catfish hunter.

*widget boy cultureRyan Gosling inspires beautiful music.

*widget boy cultureJoni Mitchell health crisis. Now in good spirits (which she isn't usually!).

*widget boy cultureElton John's pal defends Indiana anti-gay law.

*widget boy cultureJulianne Moore allegedly canned for bad acting.

*widget boy culture10% of 12- to 13-year-olds addicted to porn?

*widget boy cultureHate group wants Dan Savage sitcom cancelled.

*widget boy cultureWalmart is against the anti-gay law the Arkansas governor is set to sign.




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Mar 31 2015

Your Nightly Briefing: Curbwear

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  Unnamed-6 Unnamed-7 Unnamed Unnamed-7 Unnamed-5 Unnamed-3 Unnamed-2 Unnamed-4

Henry, a brand-new model (with a big future ahead of him, I'd say) in his Curbwear. What a cute dude.


You're Welcome

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Aidan Turner...!


Front-Loaded: Anatoly Goncharov

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  Anatoly-petitq_02 Anatoly-petitq_03 Anatoly-petitq_04 Anatoly-petitq_05 Anatoly-petitq_06 Anatoly-petitq_07 Anatoly-petitq_08 Anatoly-petitq_09 Anatoly-petitq_10 Anatoly-petitq_11 Anatoly-petitq_12 Anatoly-petitq_13 Anatoly-petitq_14 Anatoly-petitq_15 Anatoly-petitq_16 Anatoly-petitq

Shot by Telma, Internet-famous Russian hunk Anatoly Goncharov wears the hell out of his Petit Q.