Oct 02 2014

Midnight Snack

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Oct 01 2014

11 O'Clock Number: Madonna - SOONER OR LATER

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MadonnaIf you love Madonna, check out this Kickstarter!

In spite of a little trembling, Madonna slew the hard-to-sing-right Sondheim number “Sooner or Later” on the Oscars in 1991, easily one of her best-ever vocals...

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Your Nightly Briefing

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Via GayGayVeryGay.


Ends Of The World

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Via I'm So Fast.


Sean...Sean: Madonna's Wedding Dress Is Up For Grabs

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The big Julien's auction of many Madonna items is coming in November. Looking through the catalogue, I was most interested in those newly-leaked (apparently from here!) Herb Ritts portraits, mainly wondering where they came from. Of course, the gem of the auction is Madonna's first-wedding dress, which I have it on good authority comes from...Sean Penn. Maybe to raise cash for Haiti?

Check out the auction here.


For Your Thighs Only

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She Never Said That!: New MADONNALOGUES Is Here!

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Nadya Ginsburg's fourth Madonnalogues is here, and it's all about the winds of #revoution. My book Encyclopedia Madonnica (check out the Kickstarter here) makes a cameo, and I think Nadya reacts exactly as Madonna probably would LOL...

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You're Welcome

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