Oct 31 2014


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Midnight Snack

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Oct 30 2014

11 O'Clock Number: Bronski Beat - SMALLTOWN BOY

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Another great male voice of the '80s—Jimmy Somerville. Here, a rare clip of the band performing their signature hit live in Germany as a bunch of Germans stare them down hard...

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Having A Ball

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Madonna is looking incredible at the 2014 Black Ball. People who attack her for desperately seeking youth are mostly just jealous that she has #foundit.


Missing Persons

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Did Amelia Earhart die in a plane crash, or did she die of starvation/dehydration/exposure on an uninhabited atoll? The identification of a piece of metal that likely came from her missing aircraft suggests we might someday soon have the answer. If the wreckage of her plane were to be found, it would be reminiscent of the discovery of the Titanic, a nagging mystery solved. Here's hoping closure is on the radar.


Your Nightly Briefing

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My Mommy Isn't Anti-Gay Because I'm Gay And She Loves Me

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Nan Hayworth, a right-winger with a largely anti-gay record (she was on board with ENDA), is employing her son in her battle to regain her House seat in New York from Sean Maloney (D), who defeated her in 2012.

Hayworth's son says she's always been there for him and will always be there for us in a cloying ad that has some pretty laughable mugging as Hayworth hugs him.

Look, dude, your mother gets NO points for loving her child. Dick Cheney loved his gay kid, too, but that didn't stop him from being a part of the most virulently anti-gay administration imaginable. 

In fact, it makes me all the angrier that this woman has a gay child and yet is a member of a political party whose platform has discrimination codified into it—just read it and weep. That's who your mother is. It's great that she cuddles with you, but intelligent gay people who aren't looking for her approval demand respect from and a commitment to equality from their elected officials.


Checking Out

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Sean-VerdiVerdi, who died this week at 23

Hotel magnate Ian Reisner has a reputation for collecting pretty boys and hosting them at his multi-million-dollar apartment, often in groups after nights of partying. That image won't help him a bit as the parents of Sean Verdi, a young man who died after a drug-fueled evening with Reisner, and authorities mull what to do next. Verdi, who was found sprawled unconscious in Reisner's tub after an unsuccessful attempt to revive him, was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

The media has, predictably, played up Reisner's reputation—and age (46).

It's been a terrible, no-good, horrible year for Reisner, who was arrested after a traffic accident earlier this year and whose brother was recently murdered.

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