Aug 04 2015

Get Your Hands Offa My Man!

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Satisfying story of how West Point grads/gay hubbies Daniel and Larry Lennox-Choate were gay-bashed ... and then bashed back.

Don't attack gay men with combat training, you dumb-fucks.

Aug 03 2015

This Time I Know It's FUR Real

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Just heard about the Off-Broadway play Mercury Fur, about youth and queer culture.

From a press release:

“In a society ravaged by warring gangs and a hallucinogenic-drug epidemic, Elliot and Darren, under the sway of the ruthless Spinx, throw parties for rich clients in abandoned apartment buildings—parties that help guests act out their darkest, most sinister fantasies. As the teenage brothers prepare for the latest festivities, some unexpected guests threaten the balance of the world they have created in the midst of this dystopian nightmare. Hailed as a 'savage and utterly gripping drama' by Ben Brantley, Philip Ridley’s Mercury Fur is a terrifying, yet tender, look at just how far people will go to protect those they love the most.”

Let me know if you catch it!

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Your Nightly Briefing

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Ends Of The World

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Rear view ·· #UQUIRK · Hot Men, Few Clothes

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Mother Of All Political Ads

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Hillary Clinton's first ad is devoted not so much to lionizing her late mother as it is to explaining why she has poured her entire life into politics. I like it. I'm sorry that some cynics think this is empty. It's important for her to remind people she is not a machine, and I think this type of ad is perfectly tailored to that objective ...

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KILL ALL GAYS!: Cop's Son Wanted To Execute LGBT Students In Boston

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Twenty-three-year-old Alexander Ciccolo was turned in as a potential terrorist by his own dad, Boston Police Captain Robert Ciccolo, after the father feared his son had gone “off the deep end.”

Following a 10-month sting, the scumbag—calling himself Ali Al Amriki, and I am resisting a transMuslim joke here—was caught on tape plotting to execute scores of gay people on an unnamed college campus, using extreme firearms and homemade bombs.

Arrested, he will likely never be a free man again. Thanks to National Enquirer (yes, them) for the details of his court papers.


Need To Know: Stabbed To Death Over Gay Pride + Bible-Thumpers Thumped + Caitlyn's Conservatism + Go-Go Superboy + Dumped By Trump + In His Calvins + MORE!

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Israel3n-5-webUltra-orthodox Jews, Muslims and Christians are living in another century. And not even just the most recent one.

*widget boy culture16yo Shira Banki, stabbed by an ultra-Orthodox man at Jerusalem Pride, dies. Images

*widget boy cultureMany Breitbart readers were openly happy about the stabbings.

*widget boy cultureBiblical scholar vs. anti-gay Bible-thumpers: Ya got nothin'.

*widget boy cultureCaitlyn nails fashion, flops miserably on politics.

*widget boy cultureFemale Ghostbusters cast visits sick kids.

600Wisco sucks (hopefully)!

*widget boy cultureAmazingly sensual Wisco Folk footage, go-going at The Abbey. Images

*widget boy cultureCalvin Harris back in his skimpy undies!

*widget boy cultureClick here for a buncha barely-dressed cover boys. Images

Guy david lursThe David

*widget boy cultureIt's possible to go too far as a member of Trump's campaign.

*widget boy cultureClintonistas not eager for Biden bashin'.

*widget boy cultureBlack man in a bubble Ben Carson simpers that all lives matter. #duh

*widget boy cultureMadonna and Sean Pen are GULP! back on??? Images

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Via Instagram.


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