Apr 23 2014

Your Nightly Briefing

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  Garcon-Model_Brickell-Trunk Garcon-Model_Underwear_Tyler_Kenyon_Collins-Brief Garcon-Modell_Underwear_Tyler_Kenyon_Dade-Trunk Garcon-Modell_Underwear_Tyler_Kenyon_Mansion-Brief Garcon-Modell_Underwear_Tyler_Kenyon_Ocean-Boxer Garcon-Modell_Underwear_Tyler_Kenyon_Watson-Brief

Garçon Model SS14 collection is here—check out the Miami collection featuring American model Tyler Kenyon. Kenyon is photgraphed on South Beach wearing styles from the new line.

Full collection.


Love Is An Open Back Door

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Thanks to Matt Kilby and his Navy baseball teammate Brad Borosak for this adorable, same-sex lip-synch of Frozen's “Love is an Open Door”...

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Ends Of The World

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Butts-NYCMore butts than you can handle at my Instagram


Sockin' It To Ya

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This Sock Job test footage, featuring a comely stand-in for Matthew Camp, should definitely pique your interest in this movie...

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Gifs That Keep On Giving

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Via Henrrydelavega.


Put Your Tongue Back In Your Mouth

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Via Pizza Queen.


Taking Us For A Pride

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Well, as odd as it is that out bisexual Azealia Banks, who loves the word “faggot” (and not int he reclaimed way), is announced for L.A. Pride, I guess pride is definitely something of which she's got plenty.