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Feb 13 2016

Obama & DeGeneres Trade Kudos On LGBT Progress

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EllenDeGeneres-BarackobamaImage via The Ellen DeGeneres Show

President Obama visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he received praise from Ellen for presiding over unprecedented progress in the are of LGBT rights. You know, the kind that a Democrat would gladly continue in January 2017, and the kind that a Republican would gleefully try to squelch.

Obama turned the tables, telling Ellen that no one has been more influential than she. Touching moment that, of course, also ends with a laugh ...

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You're Welcome

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I'm 78% sure I'm ready for Sydney.... 2 weeks to go...

Posted by Drew G Hanser on Friday, February 12, 2016

Signs Of The Times

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If only this were true.


Brett Gleason's MANIFEST Destiny

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Check out Brett Gleason's video pitch for his second album, Manifest. He's good. There might be a way to convince him to remove his clothes to get money for his Kickstarter. Maybe I need to create a Nudestarter where guys get paid to strip.

Oh, but back to the art of it all ...

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Anti-Bullying Superheroes: Walk The Moon's WORK THIS BODY

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BullyingVideo still from Walk the Moon's “Work This Body”

Alt-pop group Walk the Moon has released the powerful, uplifting music video for their single “Work This Body,” complete with an anti-bullying message for kids and men in sexy superhero outfits for grown-ups ...

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6-PACK — Miles McMillan: The Boyfriend + Skip ZOOLANDER 2 + Madeleine Albright Amends Membership Rules For Hell + Jeb So Desperate He's Using W + Madame No + Russell Tovey's Tight End!

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PURPLE SEX by Jack Pierson for Purple Magazine @jackpierson9 @purplefashionmagazine @ozpurple

A photo posted by Miles McMillan (@milesmcmillan) on

(Work Unfriendly) extras here and here

*widget boy cultureZachary Quinto's BF Miles McMillan goes naked for Jack Pierson in Purple.

*widget boy cultureLeonard Maltin—paid to see movies—had to walk out of “stupid” Zoolander 2.

*widget boy cultureFormer SOS Madeleine Albright sorry she implied Bernie-sisses are hell-bound.

*widget boy cultureRELEASE THE CRACKHEAD: W campaigning for Jeb.

*widget boy cultureHillary paying the price for being the adult in the room?

*widget boy cultureRussell Tovey goes back into the closet.

1234207_PassRussell Tovey and Arinze Kene in a still from The Pass, produced by Duncan Kenworthy.



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Via my hot-guy Instagram


He's a Li'l Horny

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