Aug 02 2015

David Pocock: Work Of Art

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Glad that Wicked Gay Blog brought up David Pocock. Check him out in the gallery. Sex on legs, even when seated.


Signs Of The Times

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Spotted on the ground.


Need To Know: Razing Hill + Biden—His Time? + Your Lion Eyes + Casket Case + Dick Move + Bearded Laddie + MORE!

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*widget boy cultureFirst Obama, now Biden wants to cock-block President Hillary. Images

*widget boy cultureGross NY Times piece invokes Biden's dead son vs. Hillary.

*widget boy cultureNY Times seemingly has a pattern of false Hillary-bashing stories.

*widget boy cultureHillary jabs Jeb on race.

*widget boy cultureCecil the Lion's bro, Jericho, is ALIVE.

*widget boy cultureChris Hemsworth was too big for his giant cock.

*widget boy cultureMelt-down at Bobbi Kristina's funeral.

*widget boy cultureCaitlyn allegedly hired her trans friends.

*widget boy cultureJi Sung Hyun strips. Images


*widget boy cultureQuinn Jaxon's beard.

*widget boy cultureHunky sheriff in white jeans.

*widget boy culture“If art is a religion, then Keith Haring is a god.”

*widget boy cultureDoes Ohio have a serial killer on the loose?

*widget boy cultureLet's play a game of hide-your-pussy.

*widget boy cultureDavid Pocock looks fantastic in a Speedo. Images

Tumblr_ns3dks7s1n1t38krwo1_540Rich cock, Pocock


Lepore Little Rich Girl: Lotsa Songs, Very Few Clothes

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Unnamed-1I love candids!

Have you gotten your Amanda Lepore album yet???


Guydar: I Don't See Color

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Via my Instagram.


New York Seen

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Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 2.02.46 AM

Aug 01 2015

Ends Of The World

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Via my Instagram.


They Don't Keep Me Here Because I'm Gorgeous (Oh, Wait ... They Do)

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My pal John sends me this screen grab of a sex-ay litigant who appeared before Judge Judy. He's so cute I might let his unleashed pit bull maul my dogs, but I'd definitely never promise him I'd pay him money due as soon as I got my IRS refund.


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