Apr 18 2014

Need To Know: Dated Material, Under Review, Dustin Lance Blacklisted, Are You Anti-Barefronting? + MORE!

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*widget boy cultureThis video of a guy picking up guys has hilarious—and DISTURBING—results. Hercules-Dustin-Lance-Black

*widget boy cultureJames Franco douches out on NYT reporter over review.

*widget boy cultureHoly crap, this Hercules ginger is hot and musical.

*widget boy cultureDustin Lance Black destroys his alma mater. Must-read.

*widget boy cultureMost powerful NYC mediaites, most powerful gay couples.

*widget boy cultureWhat to expect when you come out as a lesbian...again.

*widget boy cultureClint Eastwood's Jersey Boys movie trailer.

*widget boy cultureThe Tom of Finland...cross-stitch kit???

*widget boy cultureRounderbum's gluteal shaper is exactly what you think.

*widget boy cultureNO BAREFRONTING!: Legal brouhaha over leaked Gaga shots.

*widget boy cultureThis girl is such a horrible person it's breathtaking.

*widget boy cultureIranian mom forgives son's killer, spares his life.

*widget boy cultureWhat a lovely male figure.

*widget boy cultureSexy men, poetry and $40,000...how can you not click?

*widget boy cultureBryan Singer cancels personal appearance over accusations.

*widget boy cultureOne Hundred Years of Solitude author Gabriel Garcia Marquez dies at 87.

100yearsHe wrote the book.



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Sexy-guyIf you like street photos of hot guys, my Instagram is for you.

Supersexy boys of NYC are beginning to come out of the woodwork this spring. One more after the jump...

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The Man Behind The Mask

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Shooter Edwin Pabon captures yet more proof that Paul McGill (Bullets Over Broadway) might be the best-looking dude in NYC.

Apr 17 2014

Your Nightly Briefing

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Via Dear, Sweet Insanity.


For Your Thighs Only

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Via Faz Meu Tipo.


Ends Of The World

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Underwear-buttIf you like big butts and you can't deny, follow me on Instagram.


Singer's Accuser Seems In It To Win It, Not Just To Get Paid Off

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Bryan-Singer-accuserEgan (L) and his attorney

Michael Egan, the thirtysomething man who is suing Bryan Singer for raping him in the late '90s, has just appeared at a press conference to back up his allegations regarding the director. He comes off as very serious about this case; he does not seem like someone seeking a pay-off to go away, unfortunately for Mr. Singer. He seems to be doing this to get justice and to make an example of Singer. At least, that is his soberly stated intention.

Is Egan doing this for attention? To help his career? He denies that, saying his dreams of being an actor died when he was abused:

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