Sep 03 2014

Midnight Snack

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A shaggy-chested Chippendale from the '80s.

Sep 02 2014

Hard News

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This gives the phrase “British stiff upper lip” new meaning: Watch this unflappable reporter not react to having a large purple dildo waved in his face while he's live on the air...

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Your Nightly Briefing

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Will He Make World News?

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Will David Muir be the next high-level journalist to come out as gay?


I Wanna Be A Cowboy: Michael Sam To Be Signed?

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Looks like Michael Sam will sign with the Dallas Cowboys, pending passing a physical. Good for him!


Give Until It Hurts: Exclusive Interview With Mark Blane & Christian Patrick From CUBBY

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I'm so excited to be involved in helping out with a big, sexy pop-up dungeon party in Brooklyn (please come!) to raise cash for the movie project Cubby. Cubby is a coming-of-age story for the young, young at heart and leather-obsessed.


Here's the scoop on this low-budget, high-concept film:

“Mark takes care of children. But when he embarks on an unlikely friendship with a stranger, he loses track of who’s taking care of whom.

“This neurotic gay babysitter is Cubby's anti-heroHe sleeps on a mattress on the floor, shares a room with a stranger, and thinks he can survive on electrolytes from sugary energy drinks. With Type 1 diabetes and a habit of shoving money in his socks, you could say he is a complicated guy. As Mark is constantly mistaken as a father and takes advantage of this unwarranted attention, his personality & confidence overflow with the children he watches.

“When Mark is saved by the mysterious leather-clad Diego after a diabetic spell in a park, he discovers his rescuer's line of fetish & bondage work. Diego eventually confesses his current situation, and Mark offers up his dilapidated abode. Diego's recent altercation with his sugar daddy has Mark consumed with fascination. Both the babysitter and the leatherman will be changed - but will they also start to unravel?”

Support Cubby on Kickstarter immediately, and keep reading for my exclusive  interview with the movie's writer/star, Mark Blane, and his co-star, Christian Patrick—you'll know him as one of Kink's most famous and most famously stern fetish performers...

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Apple Top Girl

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I keep hearing Madonna/Apple rumors. Feels right. What do you think?


Mantiques: Stage-Door Sally

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Bob Deutsch was the king of ambushing stars for photo ops at the stage door, but he really struck gold with the above Bob Goulet (November 26, 1933—October 30, 2007) shot, exhaling directly into the camera.

Below, another superhandsome actor after a night of theater...

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