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Nov 11 2006
That Which Brought Haggard To His Knees Comments (13)

Mikejoneshaggard_1Michael Forest Jones is the (IMHO heroic) hustler with a heart of gold who brought down the hypocritical closet-case Ted Haggard of the New Life Church. His Friday interview with Radar Online was very revealing in that he seemed to out Focus On The Family's James Dobson, he stated bluntly that Haggard must fantasize with men in order to have sex with his wife and he also confirmed that Haggard is a bottom—okay, so that last piece of info is probably not worthy of a flashing siren on The Drudge Report.

RadaronlineRadar Online's Friday headline, complete with the unfair "bitter" description.

Meanwhile, I'm the guy who keeps everything. Remember when I blogged that I have a huge, huge amount of stupid stuff, like...everything that's ever passed near my hands? Looking through my magazine collection led to the following discovery...

Inches1_4If Jones looks familiar to you, you might have seen him in Inches Magazine's October 1998 issue (eight-year-old back issues still available here), where he rocked out with his cock out for a five-page spread that included 11 photos. He is absolutely identifiable and appears to have changed little in the past decade.

Ted-Haggard-hustlerPosing as "Michael Forest," he actually looks like he's dressed up as a Republican for Halloween, sporting a conservative suit and a Rush Limbaugh cigar, both of which he loses by the second page.

There is no accompanying text except for a handy ruler graphic, which estimates his size at 8", enough to have Haggard speaking in tongues. Sweet Jesus!

The great thing about finding these pictures of Jones is that he has nothing to be ashamed of—he looks good, he's openly gay, he's open about having been a sex worker. Jones is the real deal, whereas the prissy pastor who paid him for sex for several years invited our contempt by being the ultimate hypocrite, proselytizing against homosexuality, urging his followers to 'do as I say, not who I do.' Haggard probably felt he was making a deal with the devil by paying Jones for play dates with his penis, but I think Jones eventually realized it was the other way around—and promptly corrected the situation.

If Haggard and so many other right-wing phonies would only preach what they practice—that homosexuality is a fact of life, no "darker" than heterosexuality, and no less incurable—we'd all be in a much better place and there would be a lot less animosity between conservatives and liberals. Amen!

If I ever bump into you, Mike, I'd sure like to shake your...you know...hand. Uncensored Mike after the jump.

Here is just part of Michael Forest Jones's spread in the October 1998 issue of Inches. Seek out a back issue if you can, and be sure to support Mike Jones—he's expressed concern about his future business prospects post-Haggard, but JoeMyGod has kindly lobbied to have members of the queer community say "thanks, Mike" via PayPal.


From Mike's interview with The Advocate: "I happen to be gay and I could kick your ass." Sir, yes, Sir!




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