Fumbling Toward Divinity: The Adoption Scriptures Grey Panic 

Jan 28 2007
Donnie Snarko Comments (0)

Godhatesafagdonniedavis_1This man has been more virulent than HPV this week.

After some false leads, Joe at JoeMyGod has finally tracked down the guy behind the (to me, always obviously fake) "The Bible Says (God Hates Fags)" video, a Dallas actor and comic named Joey Oglesby. Oglesby has so far denied it, but he must be a latent Donnie Davis, ’cuz he's definitely Donnie Davis. Now he should explain himself, because he doesn't appear to be a queer artist or activist and it will be interesting to see what his point was now that the gay blogosphere is so in love with his brilliance. (I'm not. I think the video was funny enough in an SNL way. Not brilliant. And his subterfuge was smart. Not brilliant—Lane Hudson lasted a lot longer!) Kudos to Joe for sniffing him out this Borat-loving boy.




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