Seconds Take Off, Eh 

Nov 06 2007
I've Got A Bad Case Of Loving You Comments (5)

While in America we debate how large a fine to give out for each "shit" and "fuck" and get the vapors over a bit of male tail spied on a primetime doctor show, the UK has shows like Autopsy: Emergency Room. Hosted by Dr. Gunther von Hagens, it reveals him "slicing a frozen body in half lengthways." It then makes use of Dennis the naked model, on whom the Heimlich and other procedures are performed. Some people donate their bodies to science once they've died—check out what Dennis is bequeathing while he's' very much alive, after the jump. (From here).

B0da326f7de121084c0a1ecfb5dc51e7jpg472be40104a91230a2d232dc131e3f04jpgWhat a body of work.




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