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Nov 27 2007
Rebreak My Heart Comments (13)

Saint Nick and the Madonna.

Sc0003791e_2"Each Time You Break My Heart" is a completely charming pop song recorded in 1986 by British model Nick Kamen, a cutie who'd risen to fame thanks to a TV commercial for jeans in which he stripped to his shorts in a laundromat. He was tapped to be the next big thing, and thanks to this song—written and produced by Madonna and her old pal Stephen Bray and containing generous Ma-backing vocals—he nearly was. Unfortch, his notoriety in the UK did not translate here. Nor did it prove to have staying power in his homeland. It's a shame because his self-titled debut album is lots of fun and I also really like the lead single from his follow-up later disc (entitled Us Move Until We Fly), "I Promised Myself."

Kame50401_3Nick took off, then took off.

Nick_madonna_2I remember buying the single and seeing Madonna on the back cover in a mock-tired pose with Kamen in the recording studio and wondering if she would branch out to become a powerful producer of other acts, an option Madonna herself seemed to toy with in the '80s before becoming distracted by being the most important female musician in history. (Sorry, but like her or dislike her, that's what she is.)

Levi4Now, we have Madonna's original, unreleased demo of "Each Time You Break My Heart" with her original vocals. Great song, though I never realized how similar it is to "Causing A Commotion" from the 1987 Who's That Girl Soundtrack.

(The Madonna image that illustrates this post is published here for the first time and is from my private collection—please link back. It pre-dates "Each Time" by about four years, but it's hopelessly '80s...I mean, 101 Used For A Dead Cat??? All Nick images from here.)

I'd never seen the video until right now...and it's perplexing! The odd theme of a guy in a dancehall with a li'l boy on his back (the same li'l boy from Madonna's "Open Your Heart" video) and another man wistfully watching Nick hoofin' through a glass lends the whole affair a decidedly homoerotic air. The female model feels very artlessly inserted after the fact. At times, this feels like a Madonna video without Madonna, except for when Nick occasionally cuts a Madonna-esque figure. Interesting!

After the jump, the much less dated "I Promised Myself" video.




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