Give It 2 Us The Second Black President 

Feb 28 2008
Are You Ready For It? Rockin' Steady For It? Comments (13)

Madonnadazedconfusedcopy"An Issue Of Reinvention"...cute.

Martian1_2Madonna is spoiling for a fight in a shot by Steven Klein on her first mag cover in support of Hard Candy, from what is probably a ridiculously extensive shoot reminiscent of his work with her on/in W (twice). I think this is a cool picture, but I kinda hate that she doesn't look like Madonna and wonder how much more—creative-wise—Steven Klein can do with her. She looks a bit like Dietrich—she always has—but not in the best sense this time. I'll reserve final judgement till I see the inside shots.

DietrichLike a wirgin...

Typically smart move to start with a trendy magazine like Dazed & Confused, which was co-founded by another Madonna lensman, Rankin. This hits the trendies, next up we'll get Vanity Fair to pull in her ancient fans and then Elle to drag in the (female) wannabes. I hope she'll do some stuff with gay mags, too—Attitude and The Advocate come to mind.



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