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Feb 27 2008
Ben There, Done That Comments (0)

Magicdm2502_468x571Oh, father!

Towleroad points out that Ben Cohen has updated the famous baby-daddy poster of the '80s...and click here to find out the untold story behind that (weird, but) iconic image.

Previewscreensnapz001Take a picture, it'll last longer.

It Shouldn't Be Hard To Do Comments (12)

I love David Archuleta—he's sweet and a brilliant singer and strikes me as a queen-in-the-making (maybe that is a princess). His singing last night on American Idol was fantastic, but I was really pissed off that in singing John Lennon's "Imagine," he cut out the most controversial and meaningful elements of the song:

Great performance, I still want him to win, etc., but by deliberately cutting out the verses about war and religion and nationalism, "Imagine" was reduced to nothing more than a vocal exercise. David's excuse was that he was pressed for time, but also that he found the verse he sang to be so "positive."

ImagineI have no idea and no way of finding out if he was too scared to sing anything provocative, if he's pro-war, if he's perhaps very Christian or if he was told by FOX not to sing those verses for any of those reasons. But whoever made the decision, it was really disrespectful of the spirit of that song. This is the kind of thing that should make Yoko fighting mad, not talented young singers named Lennon supposedly usurping her late husband's legacy.

Kudos to Randy Jackson for pointing out this ridiculous, gutless decision, no matter who made it. Other instances of "Imagine" being censored are numerous, and include this, this, this...the list goes on.

UPDATE: Thanks, John, for pointing out in the comments that David has sung the full song in the past...however, note that he—at age 13—couldn't bring himself to sing "hell," instead inserting "evil." (Last night, he mistakenly sang "sharing for the world" and on this version, he clearly thinks it's a "motherhood of man."—which is cute!) It's possible that last night he was worried the song might offend potential voters, or that he was out-FOX-ed. Probably we won't find out, but here he is at 13:

Full lyrics and John's original after the jump...

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The Ideal Boy Comments (2)

The_ideal_boyOnce, she had a secret love.

Peter Schiff, the young man Anne Frank fell in love with—and who was immortalized in her diary—finally has a face, thanks to a childhood friend of his who dug up the only known photo of the tragic romeo.

20080226162809990050Of the 13-year-old boy she fell in love with at 11, she wrote:

"He had dark hair, beautiful brown eyes, ruddy cheeks and a nicely pointed nose. I was crazy about his smile, which made him look so boyish and mischievous....I've never had such a clear mental image of him. I don't need a photograph, I can see him oh so well."

Peter perished at Auschwitz and Anne died at Bergen Belsen. Unthinkable, and equally improbable that a childhood crush secreted in the diary of a young girl would be so captivating over six decades later.

Lobby Hobby Comments (0)

Sc0001d07c_2Faye, way back in the day.

I haven't bought an American Photo (March/April 2008) since back in the early '90s, when they still had fabulously decadent Madonna covers, but I like their Tribute To Photography & The Movies quite a bit. Aside from the iconic Faye Dunaway image (remember her face?), there's a great piece on movie lobby cards by film critic Dave Kehr. In it, he discusses the origins of the cards, the technicalities of their manufacture and their value these days (some are $10, some, like one Dracula card, are $65,725).

Sc0001de2bLobby cards were not always subtle.

I love lobby cards! They rarely make them anymore, though I have some for Desperately Seeking Susan and some foreign ones for Evita (not on heavy board, though). More unique, we own a fun Aventurera card (see this movie if you can) and I have an absolutely pristine set from the Joan Crawford film Untamed that I hope to display effectively one day.

AvstfOne of our favorite old movies.

Lobby cards and movie posters started out as all about selling the film, acquired a lot of artistry and seem to have reverted to the former over time. It's a shame, because movie posters can be more than just carnival barkers—they can be lasting works of art.

Img_1578_3Untamed melody.

Feb 26 2008
I Volunteer To Lobby Him! Comments (2)

Now this is a senatorial candidate! And he's a Democrat. The way he looks, I'd vote for him if he were a Whig:


Madownload Comments (5)

2Sixteen seconds of "Give It To Me" by Madonna from her new CD of the same name Hard Candy, releasing April 29:

Sounds promising!

FLASHBACK: Remember...


Tyler Takes Off Comments (3)

If I had to lock in a choice today—right now—for most beautiful, perfect guy ever, I wouldn't be scared I'm forgetting somebody else if I voted for Tyler Lough:

One more after the jump, and tons more of Joe Lally's work with Tyler at The Imagist.

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Which Twin Has The Boner? Comments (6)

TwinsBust a nut.

Ad_toni_home_permanent_2Twins Keyontyli (there goes my spellcheck) and Teleon Goffney were just busted on suspicion of "robbing dozens of stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware." Their m.o. was to enter via the roof, Mission Impossible-style, and they knocked over places as diverse as Rite-Aid, Yo! Beauty Supply and Wings More. (Based on that hit list, I wonder if the ladies of Tranny 911 were questioned?)

But these siblings are also guilty of stealing the hearts of some gay-porn fans...I have determined that they posed in the March 2005 issue of Mandate Magazine as "Ty & Chico" in an unmistakably sexually-charged spread entitled "Double Trouble." They played cousins—'identical cousins!'—in that layout (Patty Duke, eat your heart out!), but they're blood brothers.

At0204_8bsQuite a number of brothers and even twins have appeared in gay porn over the years. Frequently, they drape each other's legs over one another and bone up or even j.o. side by side. There are some who have sex with a third person on film. But twincest on film is rare (the O'Brien Twins went the furthest) because of the pesky law, and because...is it really worth a couple of hundred bucks to have that stigma recorded for all time?

While Mandate is a soft-porn magazine (ie, no insertion shown), the images do reveal that the brothers did more than even Brewer Twins-type posing—they touched each other as intimately as any other guys from porn magazines, mimed anal sex and possibly more than mimed oral sex considering one image seems to show one of them firmly holding his brother's erection with his mouth around the top.

WondertwinsThe uncensored pictorial appears after the jump. "Twincest is best" or a crime against nature? You be the judge—they'll be facing a real one for their crimes against commerce soon enough.


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