I Wonder If The Truth Is In There? Call Them On It 

Jul 04 2008
Florida's Governor Engayged: Does This Count As "Gay Marriage?" Comments (8)


If Charlie's getting married, is Jason the best man?

All the Madonna/A-Rod/A-Rod's wife/Lenny Kravitz drama is so patently manufactured I can't even be bothered to get excited by the prospect of Madonna sharking through the sexual waters again as a tabloid Tessie. When all the players share a manager, it's too obvious. Madonna looks like she's rolling her eyes as she dutifully appears in public with Guy, knowing this is what is needed. There is nothing to see here. 62772.47

Equally ridiculous and much more serious is the identical media-coddled (so far) game being played by Florida's gay governor, Charlie Crist. No, he's not openly gay. But he's been single for three decades and several have come forward to out him. Outing is a good thing, IMHO, when you're talking about adults attempting to remain in the closet for financial gain because we all need to be taught—your wealth is not more important than our shared reality.

Outing is a great thing, IMHO, when you're talking about adults attempting to remain in the closet in order to rise up the ranks of the GOP. Right into the vice-presidential slot.

There is no mistaking how seriously John McCain is eyeing Charlie Crist as a possible veep. The idea that a Republican desperately needs a Florida governor to deliver Florida should be sign enough that McCain's McCampaign is taking an unanticipated dive into enemy jungles. But what else does Crist deliver? He's handsome and virile, but he's not rich (his net worth is $450,000, making him one of the, if not the, poorest governors in the country), he doesn't have national recognition, he's got white hair and he's probably gay. I'm guessing he'll be dyeing his hair soon and going on national talk shows more often, because he can't get rich overnight (and that's Cindy McCain's job anyway) and he's already fixing the gay part: He's getting engaged.

How do I know Crist is gay? I don't. How do I know Jodie Foster is gay? I don't. But short of being told directly by the person, there are many clues. Google "Charlie Crist is gay" and you get "about 1,450" hits; I'm not the first one to this party.
Crist had a long-term boyfriend (con Bruce Carlton Jordan) who was outed (see video), and a young Republican operative, Jon-Erik Hexum look-alike Jason Wetherington, bragged to friends that he'd bedded Crist1Crist. All of this is out there. All of this has been denied. But reading the reports and watching the news about it...does any of it, any of it at all, sound made up or far-fetched?

If you want to whine that we shouldn't out homos in politics, or that we should be happy that a gay man might be on a ticket (even secretly) or that the left always calls right-wing gays self-loathing hypocrites and it's just a cliché, consider this from an article linked above:

"Crist has repeatedly denied that he is gay and, with the election looming next week, has recently become more vocal in his stance against adoption by gay couples and in support of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to ban gay marriage."

John McCain, I think it's great that you want to consider a gay guy as your veep. How terribly Democratic of you. But if you go through with it, we're going to keep barking until the media does its job and exposes him as the lying hypocrite that he is. You think the Clintons' sexual escapades got embarrassing? What stuff do you think is gonna bubble up from the swamps of Florida about a gay man in his 50s? That's a whole lot of life he's lived, and most of it is—so far—a big question mark.



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