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Jul 23 2008
Puttin' On For Ritts Comments (8)

513y05+2mLL._SS500_ In his new book Sex, Love, And Fashion: A Memoir Of A Male Model (Harmony), Bruce Hulse relates the following story involving a gay-themed Herb Ritts shoot:

"Herb Ritts called me one day to talk about an upcoming photo shoot he wanted to use me for. He explained that it was going to be a casual but challenging assignment.

"His request was one I might not normally have accepted, but I knew that Herb would take exquisite and tasteful photographs that would be seen by the world as art. I also didn't want to pigeon-hole myself as being homophobic. I wanted to be receptive to any and all ideas, as long as they involved the right team and the best photographers.  

Get-attachment.aspx "When it came to casting my counterpart, I had to put a lot of thought into the decision. I'd have had no problem selecting the right woman for the shoot, but I'd never before been asked to cast a male model for such an intimate shoot. It had to be someone I got along with, but, more important, someone who would be as comfortable with the theme as I was. I also didn't want to leave any room for confusion, so it had to be a model who was also straight. In the end the choice was obvious: Nick Constantino. He was sleeping on my couch, anyway, so I knew he was up for anything, especially if it would give us the chance to work together again. 

"Nick and I decided to have fun with the shoot. From the outset we recognized the humor in embracing and allowing ourselves to be shot so close together. Nick laughingly quipped, 'Hey, sailor, let's get to work...' 

"The photos were spectacular, as I'd expected. When Nick saw the finished product, he was furious. He grabbed the photos from me and ripped them to shreds. 'None of our buddies are ever seeing these, Hulse! Do you hear me I mean it!' All I could think was, I hope these aren't worth a lot of money someday.

Gotta love the part about "I didn't want to pigeon-hole myself as being homophobic..." It's like, yes, I'm homophobic...but I'm so much more than just that!



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