She Gave It 2 Them Madonna: Hindsight Is 50/50—Bette Davis 

Aug 24 2008
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Am I the only person who thinks this bit of fun:  


Was inspired by this bit of unfun:

Meanwhile, how great does this sound???:

And finally, Madonna apparently disses John McCain and kisses Barack Obama in her tour. I wonder if this will even raise any eyebrows—she has done this simplistic good man/bad man video montage more than once, including an appearance by Reagan during Who's That Girl, among others.


UPDATE: John McCain has angrily condemned Madonna's show, attempting to link it to Obama's "fellow worldwide celebrities." If shit like this works, it'll be sieg heil, McCain, and the country will deserve him. Look for Obama to join in condemning her for this, too. He's got The Boss singing for him at his convention, he can afford to call for The Queen's head.


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