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Nov 29 2008
Touching Peters Comments (3)

CRU Yikes, this new sex suit against Jon Peters (he's already being sued by two women who used to work for him) threatens to be the juiciest item in Hollywood this year if he fails to put the kibosh on it. Already we are informed that the litigant—co-producer Brian Quintana (pictured Cruising at left)—is alleging that Peters sexually and physically harassed him, had other men do the same, fondled himself in front of him and demanded that Quintana "drive male individuals onto the set for the purposes of granting sexual favors for members of the cast and crew." The casting (and crewing) couch is alive and well.

Peters also apparently was battling allegations of engaging in "sexually inappropriate acts in front of children." Fun boss.

The movie set in question? Superman Returns. Directed by Bryan Singer and starring Brandon Routh. Singer has weathered negative publicity regarding sex and movies before, when angry parents sued over footage he shot of their nude young sons for Apt Pupil—a lawsuit riddled with inaccuracies and gay-baiting language that was ultimately dropped. There were also plenty of rumors as to why sexy Brandon Routh was plucked from obscurity to play Superman in the first place, and gay rumors about Routh until he married.

I met the talented Mr. Singer at Outfest one year and found him to be quite nice. I hope for his sake he is not involved in this, but only time will tell. If he is, it's a bad year for him, ashis Tom Cruise Nazi flick Valkyrie is getting negative advance reviews.

3 As for Quintana, his Web site makes him an open book—his bio still proudly proclaims that "as an entertainment executive for Jon Peters, Brian helped re-launch the Superman franchise." His array of me-with-the-stars photos includes Bill Clinton (watch yourself, Brian, he's the original groper!) and every Democrat you can think of.

I generally mistrust big-time producers who crave to be photographed alongside stars and then publish those photos online. And while I don't mean to insult him, I feel like if I were a horny producer I'd pick fresher meat to tenderize. But the story about driving "male individuals" (not "men" then...?) sounds plausible considering the usual suspects.

I hope whoever's telling the truth prevails faster than a speeding bullet.


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