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Dec 20 2008
SAG Is In The Bag Comments (0)

BBlack by popular demand.

I missed the SAG nominations, which are listed at Film Experience Blog. Nathaniel is not such a big Slumdog Millionaire fan, so was not impressed with its Best Ensemble nod. I will agree that while I found the acting to be above any critcism, the parts were not as demanding as in some other films of late. But...I loved the movie, so I'm happy.

Best Actor looks like what Oscar's list will probably look like, with Jenkins (The Visitor) the only one who could feasibly be displaced, probably by Dev Patel, who is considered Supporting by SAG.

Best Actress is similarly on the money.

Supporting Actor again ignores James Franco and Emile Hirsch in favor of Robert Downey Jr.'s goofy Tropic Thunder turn—could he actually win? Or will it go to the late Heath Ledger?

Supporting Actress tosses in Amy Adams and also Kate Winslet (in the wrong category, I'd say), but I think Viola Davis will snag this one.

Entertainment Weekly (December 26, 2008—January 2, 2009) also chimes in with its films of the year, via dueling Top 10s by Lisa Schwarzbaum (with whom I often disagree—she is very mainstream) and Owen Gleiberman (which whom I often disagree—he is so unpredictable)..after the jump...

Lisa Schwarzbaum's Top 10:

(1) WALL-E
(2) Milk
(3) The Dark Knight
(4) Waltz With Bashir
(5) Gomorra
(6) Wendy And Lucy
(7) Trouble With Water
(8) Happy-Go-Lucky
(9) Man On Wire
(10) Tropic Thunder

Her Worst 5: The Women, Seven Pounds, 88 Minutes, Speed Racer & The Boy In The Striped Pajamas.

Owen Gleiberman's Top 10

(1) The Wrestler
(2) The Dark Knight
(3) Rachel Getting Married
(4) WALL-E
(5) Momma's Man
(6) The Edge Of Heaven
(7) Burn After Reading
(8) The Class
(9) Milk
(10) Tell No One

His Worst 5: Speed Racer, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Patti Smith: Dream Of Life, Australia & Hounddog.




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