Losing Their Shirts L'Anglebare 

Dec 29 2008
Where The Fuck Is Bristol Palin's Baby? Comments (13)


UPDATE: Am I prescient or what??? Later in the day, Bristol gave birth to her "overdue" baby. What did she name the li'l guy? TRIPP. Just like his brother uncle TRIG. Gimme a break.

Remember how Bristol was due December 15, so she couldn't POSSIBLY be the mother of Trig? Well, it's December 29 and no baby. Two weeks late and counting.


I'm telling you—Bristol Palin is the mother of Trig. I have my certainty! (But really, I have a lot of terrific circumstantial evidence and no convincing denials from the Palin camp, such as medical records.)

At least when Bristol gives birth this time (perhaps via induced labor if the mainstream media begins to ask questions), she will have free access to drugs.



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