So Sorry, He Said The Benefit Of Being Aesthetically Shallow 

Jan 19 2009
Cheek Mystique Comments (4)

This actually isn't a bad shot at all, this next in a long line of recent Madonna leaks. Though Madonna does 2440024765_025154d341 resemble someone you might have to rely on for a ride across the River Styx. Of note—that claw! And the final images used for Q Magazine were, of course, retouched and color corrected. One thing they changed was in the final images, Madonna's gi-normous cheek implant was softened. Notice how in the unretouched shot you see a huge indent between eye and cheek. If you stare at the image long enough and let your eyes relax, it's almost like one of those visual-trick games where you suddenly see a figure amidst an abstract field of geometric shapes. Except in this case, you eventually see the implant. You can almost make out the model number and copyright information. No, not really.

I don't think Madonna owes it to me or to her other fans to look perfect or young or natural, but she owes it to herself to try to look as good as she feels—she already had the gross cheeks way back in December of 2007, when this was snapped, and yet I feel like I didn't really notice her bizarre cheeks until way after the fact. And now they're all I can see!

Okay, unless something CRAZY leaks, I've got to get off this criticizing-photos-not-meant-to-be-seen tangent!


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