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Jan 15 2009
I Get Lost In Your Eyes Comments (0)


Matthew Fox suits up and gets casual for Terry Tsiolis in Details (January/February 2009). The cover says "You are not alone" as a tagline in reference to the economy, but all I can think of is Michael Jackson's improbable #1 hit with its accompanying Lisa Marie Presley Jackson imagery. Or, as a second runner-up, the pedo-classic European film on which the song might well have been based. After all, Jackson owned the movie (it was among the "okay" but boylover-friendly merch he had in his compound) and the writer of the song was...R. Kelly.


On Lost, Fox comments: "All of us knew that if the show was strung out indefinitely, it was going to ruin the story. It's not like a doctor drama, where you have a new case each week." He's not sad that 2010 will be the end of the (already belabored?) series: "Personally, it's a relief."

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