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Jan 06 2009
PhotoShopping Away The Truth Comments (14)


Check out the above self-serving photo the John Travolta just released to Us Weekly (nothing like publicity to help with grief!) showing a "private" moment between the actor and his son. What I find interesting (other than the fact that if Lily Tomlin were on the left this would be a lost scene from Moment By Moment) is how BLATANTLY PhotoShopped Jett's neck and face are to make him look less autistic for lack of a better phrase, more "normal." Check out the very artificial scoop in the back of his neck and indent in the front of his neck under his chin. Here is the real shape of his head:


It's embarrassing how the media is giving Travolta a pass. Yes, it's sad that his kid died, but it's also kinda sad that he was very probably autistic but had the misfortune of being born into a family that didn't believe in autism. Then he died of a seizure...the seizure itself killed him in a bathroom while he was unattended.

Aaaaaaaaatravolta1-251x300 One of his attendants (the Travolta camp is spinning away, putting out info that Jett was watched nearly 24/7—except for the 12/1 he spent dying in a bathroom overnight) was Jeff Kathrein, the live-in assistant who Travolta was caught kissing. Not that that has anything to do with Jett's death, but it certainly informs the mindset of the people who raised him—deny, deny, deny.

UPDATE: Here is another shot. Check out the area below Jett's chin and jaw—his black shirt is DEVOID of tones, while the entire rest of the shirt is shades of black:



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