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Jan 25 2009
So "Emotion"al Comments (1)

With thanks to Mark for pointing this out, here's a ridiculous short on the making of Barbra Streisand's ridiculous (I liked it at the time, too!) pop song, "Emotion." She actually says at one point that Roger Daltrey "kept wanting to make this into a feature," this painfully cheesy little vanity clip about a 43-year-old woman whose hubby is not interested in her. I think this was her last attempt at the Top 40 market, though she would go on to do well with adult-contemporary ballads that crossed over. I mean, purple hair!

I also like how in the beginning her voice is so badly overdubbed to say, "I'm always drawn to the SafariScreenSnapz001 sensual!"

Look, the greatest artists are great because they don't let the fear of looking idiotic stop them from making statements, and this is an example of that—a superdedicated try that was so off it was instantly campy. 

I really think Madonna has patterned herself after Streisand; I know they knew each other when Madonna was a Downtown sensation and had dinner and chatted. Just listening to Streisand discuss how part of this video was inspired by Bertolucci, all I could think of was Madonna referencing Scorsese and the like.

The actual video is after the jump...

Why are two of her fantasy lovers an old geezer offering her jewelry for sex and a yucky window washer? God, the video is so broadly comic compared to her high-minded narration of what it was about. Camp classic.


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