Square Peg To Round Hole: Drop Dead Too Close For Comfort 

Feb 12 2009
Bromosexuality Comments (8)

UntitledI might be more offended if he weren't so cute.

Out plays with fire, putting openly straight Andy Samberg on its cover (he plays a Untitled3 non-stereotypical gay man in the upcoming bromance comedy I Love You, Man...albeit a "het hunter" who only sleeps with straight men). After all, he's taken heat for his gay-themed skits this season.

Admirably, Out probes this issue, pointing out that some of his gay jokes are hard to distinguish from caricature. I personally have to say I've always enjoyed his gay skits...I've never felt that his humor came from a place of making fun of gays so much as from a place of making fun of gay panic. Granted, it's hard to successfully argue either way whether something is gay or anti-gay, offensive or just plain funny. But I simultaneously feel Samberg all right and feel that Out's Joshua David Stein is cool not to let him off the hook.

Gay friend or gay foe?

On his gay character in I Love You, Man:
"The reason I liked the character is because I know people like that. There is this guy I know who for all appearances is pretty aggressively straight but who is actually gay. When we do an impression of him, it's always like [slipping into the bro voice], 'Fucking pounded some beers, fucking kick-ass game on the television, I'm going to go suck a dude's dick. See you later!'"
Biting comedy.
On his skits not being anti-gay:
"It's bro-gay, which I love just because dudes that are bros and super antigay are the ones who need to get it the worst. They're the ones we have the most fun fucking with."

On ambiguously gay sketches:
"It's a slippery slope, but sometimes that shit is just funny."



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