Flashback: An "Homadge" To Joan Signs Of The Time 

Feb 04 2009
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National Enquirer (February 16, 2009) breaks the story of New Kids On The Block's Jonathan Knight being outed by his lover. From the lovey-dovey pix, it would appear it was worth it—after all, his homosexuality has been an open secret.

Kyle Wilker, 27, tells the rag Jonathan realized he "preferred guys to girls" after dating Tiffany. (Sorry, Tiff. Ouch.) "We had a wonderful relationship. I was in love with him and I believe he was in love with me."

New Kids On The Block-6 They met at a bar Kyle was working at on Fire Island...there are so many hints in that sentence that this would end, and then end up in the Enquirer. They didn't date until a second chance encounter at a concert in Boston, and then it took Jonathan four months to ask him to 'be my girl.' (NKOTB fans will recognize the song reference...this is not a quote.)

Still, this "beautiful, romantic story" came to an end after 18 months with Wilker now telling the 'bloid that Jonathan likes to stay at home and watch TV and read. "I call him a straight guy who happens to be gay."

Lance Bass made a similar comment...why do so many gay people think other gay people are happily leading lives as boring as straights?



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