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Feb 09 2009
Madonna's Come-To-Jesus Moment Comments (24)
Daddy, I want an ever-lasting gob-stopper nowwww!

W Magazine's 46-page Steven Klein portfolio starring Madonna and the newly-famous Jesus Luz (who may or may not actually be Klein's real-life boyfriend, not Madonna's) is about to pop, with 24 shots available on its Web site here.

Fass_madonna_25_v-1The cover is cool, but I'm not crazy about it, even if it is very fitting for a "Justify My Love" remake.

Or you can stay with me as I react to what I see as Madonna acting her age (50) but never acting anything less than sexually engaged (which is okay at any age) right here...

UPDATE: Please do keep reading below, but also, I said the few shots I don't love remind me of Sylvia Miles. As a sharp-eyed commenter notes, it's Andy Warhol's Heat that this whole sleazy (in a good way) affair most specifically recalls. Though Madonna is—ya gotta admit—a better catch in 2009 than Sylvia was in 1972:

HEATMadonna in Heat?
The opening is very Sunset Boulevard to me, even if it's a hotel.

Madonna's rockin' the old-school cross but her styling suggests her character is herself old(-school).

Gigolos be swarmin'.

Cancer sticks are not sexy! Jezebel makes a good case for this as a boytoy-selection process.

She looks gorgeous and nothing like herself in this one.

One of my favorites! I want this on my wall now, please.

Easily one of the best. Beautiful.

Another amazing shot—love her eyebrows.

There is a defeated feel to this...the older woman knows the score, the men know the score and, worst of all, she knows they know.

Here is where things go undeniably Sunset Boulevard on us.

Love this. So predatory. Madonna could be every gay man of any age seeing this same thing.

This is probably the single best shot. Exquisite faces, so charged.

I hate this picture. It's out of place.

I guess the pants had to come on for the reverse walk of shame from pool to suite.

I'm going to tell you a secret.

Ugh, very Sylvia Miles and it looks like they're being photographed.

Lovely but so rude to French in sunglasses.

"I've done this 1,000 times before. But there's no reason not to go for 1,001."

Fass_madonna_19_h"Now might be the wrong time, but...did I tell you I have three children?"

Fass_madonna_20_hThis is a lovely picture. Will someone be restrained with that black tie?

Fass_madonna_23_h"I did it. It's done. I'll do it again."

Fass_madonna_24_hThis looks like a vintage movie still, less Gloria Swanson than Tippi Hedren via Monica Vitti (see following image).

Monica Vitti.



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