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Feb 05 2009
Swimming Upstream Comments (1)


At last (with all due apologies to Etta James)—my Advocate (March 2009) arrived in the mail with its Matthew Mitcham cover story. 

Matthew-mitcham-advocate-08 What he said when he won an Australia GQ athlete's award:

"I think the last thing I said onstage there was, 'Oh, my God, I'm a homo and I just won the sports award!' People just pissed themselves and thought it was hilarious!"

On his awkward years:

"You know how the ugly duckling wasn't like the other ducklings? I wasn't like the other kids. I was smaller, I was scrawnier, I wasn't good at soccer or cricket or football, and I never won a blue ribbon."

Matthew-mitcham-advocate-09 On his lack of endorsements and which products he hopes to work with:

"My idea for sponsorship is to do something that isn't mainstream. There are very typical brands that Olympic swimmers go for. I want to do things differently."

There are rumors he'll work with Aussiebum...not exactly out of the box, but perfectly in the swim if you ask me.




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