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Mar 12 2009
A Breath Of Fresh Javier Comments (8)


Spanish actor Javier Beltran is giving the "next big thing" treatment by Out (April 2009), including an all-out sexy Hollywood shoot by Xevi Muntane. He stars as Federico Garcia Lorca opposite Robert Untitled1 Pattinson as Salvador Dali in the indie flick Little Ashes.

Little Ashes focuses on the rumored affair between Lorca and Dali, but this was no issue for Beltran: "We didn't have any problems with the sexuality. On the set it was less important than the emotions. The sex scenes are beautiful—tragic and painful."

(Tell that to Pattinson, who told GQ much more colorful stories about how painful they were to film.)

Oh, and let's not forget Matthew McNulty (a married dad of two, darn it), who plays Luis Bunuel in the film and worried about meeting Pattinson because "he's really good-looking." He's shot for Out by Kevin Amato:


Many more sexy shots of Beltran—after the jump...