Marie's Crisis Look Back In Anger 

Apr 29 2009
Father's Slay Comments (4)

20090429__ssjm0430zodiac~1_Gallery A woman named Deborah Perez has come forward to claim she is the daughter of the Zodiac killer who terrorized California four decades ago. She says she helped him write the letters he sent to taunt newspapers and that she still owns a pair of glasses kept by her dad as a souvenir after he slaughtered a cabbie.

Perez says she was not aware of what was going on at the time and that the first time she heard the phrase "Zodiac killer" was in 2007, when she spotted a police sketch of the man and recognized it as her father.


Weird and wild stuff if it pans out. I love when mysteries are solved: Where's the Titanic? Who was Deep Throat? And now...who was the Zodiac killer?


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