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Jun 25 2009
Daytime Drama Queen Comments (7)


I'm not a soap fan, but in the '80s I did watch The Young & The Restless and probably some others, so I do remember gorgeous Thom Bierdz quite well. Leave it to the homophobic Globe (July 6, 2009) to break the good news that he's gay! Bierdz is coming back to the show to reprise his character, who it will turn out faked his own death to avoid having his secret gay life found out. Now, he'll be open. 

He's comin' out, he wants the world to know.

In a strange parallel, Bierdz was warned to stay in the closet by producers on the show in the '80s, and is now being hired specifically to play gay and, one assumes, for the added PR that entails his real-life sexuality.

Side note: In retelling Bierdz's life story, Globe talks about how a younger brother murdered their mother and then classily reports that his older brother "committed suicide by blowing his brains out." Whatever happened to "took his own life?"


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