Burn, Baby, Burn Sorry Circumstances 

Jun 25 2009
Father's Cutie Comments (3)


Is Father Cutie gay?

That is the accusation of José Linares Suarez, Cutie's radio-show producer, who spills his guts to TV y Novelas (Julio 1, 2009).

You'll recall that last month, Cutie (also dubbed "Father Oprah") was photographed on the beach in Miami with a ladyfriend, which prompted him to leave the church and marry her. Suarez says that was all a set-up because Miami was already buzzing about Cutie's homosexuality.


Suarez says Cutie's sexuality is well known to those around him, that he lived with a priest who was his lover for two years and, most specifically that he had a younger (36 or 37), chubby lover named Leonardo who would arrive to Cutie's quarters late at night. Once, Suarez walked in on Cutie and Leonardo, finding the  younger man's pants down as Cutie caressed his genitals. Cutie asked for discretion, which Suarez apparently provided—until now.


I must say, it makes a lot more sense that Cutie deliberately went out in public with his secret "girlfriend" if he were actually trying to salvage some of his brand by at least marrying a woman instead of coming out as gay. There are falls from grace and then there are falls from grace.



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