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Jul 29 2009
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Chris salvatore IMGP0269Chris Salvatore...the new Marco Dapper?

Six hunky—and out—actors have been revealed as the stars of Eating Out: All You IMGP1422 Can Eat, the latest in the polyamorously perverse series created by Q. Allan Brocka (who directed and co-wrote the movie version of my novel Boy Culture). The film was written by Allan with Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds's director Phillip J. Bartell and directed by Glenn Gaylord, whose credits include pop-culture catnip like What Perez Sez, Camp Michael Jackson, Tori & Dean: Inn Love and the charming short film Boychick from 2001 that starred my buddy Greg Siff. It opens in L.A. October 2, and in New York and San Francisco two weeks later.

IMGP0723 As for the plot, Rebekah Kochan is back as Tiffani (though from the trailer seems much less out-there this time?) and Mink Stole also returns, with a mentor role for gay icon Leslie Jordan of Will & Grace infamy.

This time around, Tiffani and her pal Casey (Daniel Skelton) use a fake online profile pic of her ex Ryan (Michael Walker, pictured) to lure sexy Zack (Chris Salvatore, the Marco Dapper of this installment). Hilarity ensues. Also, hurt me, hurt me, but the pants come off.

Tiffani & Maximiliano Torandell

I'm curious to see this first-ever queer threequel—the first Eating Out wasn't my cup of threesome, but I loved the second so much I went back for more.

Keep reading to check out more shots of the six gay actors being comfortable in their own skin...

Chris salvatore 1
Chris—a dash of Luke Perry, a dose of Channing Tatum, a dollop of Dapper

Michael walker IMGP0738

Michael Walker

Daniel skelton
Daniel Skelton

Rick d'agostinoIMGP0120
Rick D'Agostino

John c stallings IMGP0593

John Stallings

Maximiliano torandell IMGP0099
Maximiliano Torandell



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