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Jul 28 2009
Is Marriage A Universal Right? Comments (3)

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e551eaad588833-800wiPhoto courtesy of José Vélez.

My partner José and I met reigning Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza back in April of 2008 at the Miss USA pageant where she was making an appearance as a mere hopeful. She was very sweet, and at the time I blogged that she was a surefire Top 10 finalist...of course, she wound up winning.

Now, she's come out in favor of marriage equality on Howard Stern's radio show. How the Trump organization allowed a title holder to do Stern's show is beyond me, but I'm glad it happened! And before you pooh-pooh pageant queens, they hold a significant group of people enthralled—their opinions matter more than you might think.

Bonus points for her saying "why should I care?" regarding the opinions of Carrie Prejean, a mere also-ran in Miss USA.



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