Beating Us To The Punch Stupider Than Stupid 

Jul 12 2009
Tracking Poll Comments (6)

S-TRACK-PALIN-large Sarah Palin's hot son Track is "not even a Republican," she casually admitted in an interview. (Well, casual if you kind of gloss over the fact that she is now claiming she will be aligning herself with candidates who are for all the right things, regardless of their political party. As if even if most conservative Democrat would have her.)

1125c.EwC7ue Don't get too excited—"not Republican" might mean he's an Alaskan secessionist. Crazy, but I'm guessing he's  not a Socialist. Then again, he could be a Dem considering that when she allegedly polled her family about quitting her job, she got a "hell, yeah!" from Track.


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