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Sep 21 2009
Live From New York, It's...Madonna? Comments (12)


You read it here first: I have it on good authority that Madonna is all lined up to appear on Saturday Night Live for the first time in 16 years—in fact, they're desperately seeking to have her host and perform. She might wind up doing one or the other, but if she does the double, it would be her first time. since 1985.

All of Madonna's appearances on the show have been memorable. Her 1985 season opener had some off moments but was the funniest of that tumultuous 


season and she showed good comic chops. Then there was her unforgettable "Wayne's World" mash-up with "Justify My Love," her funny Bill Clinton serenade in full Marilyn Monroe gear and her "Fever" and "Bad Girl" renditions (the latter of which ranks among her best live TV performances).

Of course, her ultimate appearance was the clip above—if Madonna does do SNL this year, please, please force her to resuscitate her "Liz Rosenberg" character!

Of course, stunts like this one will make for some awkward moments.



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