Why Can't No On 8 Come Up With Stuff Like This? Black Party 

Sep 05 2009
Unfabolous (SIC) Comments (17)

With thanks to David: It turns out has-been rapper (aren't all rappers has-beens in 2009?) Fabolous is the person who launched #uknowhowiknowuregay on Twitter yesterday, which became the #1 trending topic. He used the word "gay" very specifically to mean homosexual, and launched it with items like "U told me my zipper was open...(what u doin lookin down there nigga)".

Fabolous-2 Of course, the responses from others were actually far more offensive and viciously homophobic than gay-panic bullshit like this, but why should he care about gay people? He doesn't even care about black people, using the word "nigga" in three out of his eight Tweets on the topic. See, a rich black man like him doesn't have to worry about—and can laugh off—any potency that word still has in keeping his community down. It's like how rich Republican gays don't mind staying in the closet and don't care about supporting politicians who play on homophobia to get elected in order to codify it into our laws—the rich and powerful can't be touched by things that affect mere mortals.

He's an ignorant pig who at age 32 still can't spell his own name and I Tweeted him my contempt for his contempt. You can, too.

27734860 P.S. Then he had the balls to TwitPic a shot of some white Louis V sneakers and gush like a li'l girl about how excited he was to be wearing them. The pot calling the kettle gay?




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