Losing His Religion Morally Bankrupt 

Oct 26 2009
Behind My Back Comments (8)

IsiahthomasandmagicjohnsongayApparently Magic Johnson still thinks it was all Isiah Thomas's fault that people thought he was secretly gay, which led to his becoming HIV-positive. Meanwhile, there were rumors about him for years prior to his publicly announcing he had HIV (Jermaine Stewart's name came up a lot). Too bad he can't let go.

Meanwhile, on the subject of who's gay and who isn't, how did I never realize this happened??? Magic's friend Arsenio Hall was heckled by Queer Nation for never having gay guests (he attempted to engage at first, but had no clue who Gus Van Sant was at the time and wasn't interested in Larry Kramer or Harvey Fierstein). 

What I found so amazing about the clip was that it's pretty fuckin' obvious that Arsenio Hall is a queen (along with Eddie Murphy...) and is basically shouting down out gays in a bizarre fight with himself. He makes perfectly clear he isn't prejudiced against homosexuality even though he did lots of gay "characters" (not quite the same as anti-gay jokes, which he and Eddie Murphy did—a lot). I think he basically shows he is not against homosexuals but is against out gay people ("I've had plenty of gay people on this show except you don't know that because it's none of your damn business!"). Except for someone like Elton John, whose fame superseded his gayness.

Of course, activists disrupting an entertainment show is never going to go over well, especially if it's 1992, so they're drowned out as a rather imbalanced Arsenio uses his bully pulpit to school them. Another lesson we learn is that Arsenio is from the school of "I'm black, so I would never discriminate." I would consider that attitude (as opposed to someone of color not being prejudiced for other reasons) outdated now; you just don't hear people of color making the argument for gay rights using that logic much anymore, though I know Obama has made it occasionally.

Finally, after welcoming Paul Hogan to the stage, Arsenio basically says he wants to prove he's open-minded by fucking him in the ass right there. Then comically collapses with, "So much presssure!"

The show lasted another two years.




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