We Salute You WHY? 

Oct 29 2009
Popping A Bomer Comments (23)
Matthew Bomer, star of the (popular) new USA series White Collar, was said by Perez Hilton to be openly gay and dating PMK CEO Simon Halls. But is he truly out? If he wasn't, he is now—Perez's mention is now enshrined in the guy's Wikipedia entry and some photos have surfaced showing him full-on making out with an unidentified buddy. (Picture removed by kind request, literally.)


Fangirls have invaded Data Lounge to argue—convincingly—that Bomer CAN'T be gay because he's too hot and because they personnnalllly know, like, 10 girls he's fucked. Some have pointed out that his kissing pix were just done as a drunken dare/joke with a male friend a couple of years ago. My favorite reply to that line of reasoning is:





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