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Nov 07 2009
Calm Down, Fatty Comments (5)

"Fat pride" groups are upset that health care reform might reward things like weight loss.

I have no issue with the idea that bone-skinny isn't the ideal, or that perfect bodies are perfectly rare. I'm not skinny, and have been even more not skinny in the not-so-distant past. But being fat is unhealthy, period. Don't ask me to embrace it as if it's a positive. Someone's weight does not mean they're unworthy of support or respect, or that they're incapable of doing things a slimmer person might be able to do in life. But fat pride is idiotic and any truly fat person who would like to argue that their health is ideal at any weight will think twice when they likely die of a weight-related issue.

(In other news, smokers are a discriminated-against minority, too! Honest! They're just like black people...except the discrimination is even worse.)




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