"I'm A Pop Cultural Performance Artist...On A Journey With Myself" Gentlemen May Prefer Blondes, But Blondes Prefer Reefer 

Dec 01 2009
"Maybe A Little Too Far" Comments (3)

Adam Lambert seems to apologize for his AMAs performance—he must be getting advice that he's alienated too many potential fans. Ellen's reply is exactly correct, that any complaints about sexual content on TV must be about all sexual content...if it's only about gay content, it's homophobia.

He's very conciliatory toward the homophobes and sexphobes and even toward ABC...but I wish he would mend fences with Out. Of those four entities (homophobes, sexphobes, ABC and Out), Out's the only one ultimately in Adam's corner, and is the one that provided the tamest criticism.




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