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Feb 13 2010
We Are The World, Too Comments (15)

SafariScreenSnapz001 I think anything done for charity is pretty fucking great. I hope "We Are the World 25" raises millions for Haiti. But as a song, it sure sucks. I guess I'll go to Hell for saying so. Where to begin? I guess the most annoying thing is that Justin Bieber and then a slew of rappers at the end have to be so Autotuned. Most ridiculous is seeing Janet Jackson earnestly "singing" over footage of her brother actually singing. Most offensive has to be talent-challenged Jamie Foxx soaking up the attention with a tasteless Ray Charles imitation at the end. I realize Wyclef Jean's contribution is particularly meaningful, but it also means I can never listen to this without laughing. Tony Bennett was awkwardly out of place.

Take off your fucking sunglasses, people.


Were any of the originals invited back? No. Allegedly to pass the torch. I say because too many were ungettable or undesirable in 2010.

Minor points of interest: While Cyndi Lauper's ad libs were the highlights of the original, it's weird they felt the need to have Celine Dion recreate them note for note. Why is Nicole Scherzinger so prominently featured? She have a recording deal with Quincy Jones? I see Barbra Streisand sure as hell wasn't going to miss out this time!


Also...wouldn't you rather die than have to be the person who tells Gladys Knight she isn't doing anything prominent? Just juggling all the big names (some of them great artists) would make my hair fall out.

Still hope it sells.



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