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Mar 30 2010
Battlefield Mirth Comments (0)


J.D. Shapiro, the original (and still a credited writer) of the John Travolta Scientology disaster Battlefield Earth (2000), released a hilarious statement regarding its selection as the worst movie of the past decade—and accepted his Razzie in person.

Battlefield_Earth-travolta I loved reading his account of how he at first resisted Scientology only to discover he was never pressured into studying it, then later how the true hard-sell involved changing his gritty script into the LOL-athon the movie ultimately became. It makes sense that the Scientologists wouldn't push him too hard to join up—their end game was to have a respectable, reasonably talented, legit writer make Battlefield Earth seem less of the recruitment tool they would later pull strings to make sure it was.

If you've never seen it, don't! But read Shapiro's account's not only more entertaining than most movies (let alone Travolta movies, let alone Battlefield Earth), it's also short!



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