Battlefield Mirth Going GaGa 

Mar 30 2010
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Sarah Palin wants desperately for the media to leave her kids alone (or rather, the opposite—so she can bitch and moan about how unfairrr it all is), but it's kinda hard when her children are doing noteworthy things, like being secretly pregnant with the love child of a future Playgirl model or, say, helping to vandalize a home to the tune of $20,000 before getting away without charges due to her parents' Alaskan pipeline of connections. Willow Palin, it seems, was very likely involved in said vandalism, or was even the ringleader—but it's been covered up. This is exactly what a Palin presidency would be like—incredible destruction, bald-faced lying and cover-up after cover-up. 

I'm not sure if the worst part of the story is that Willow's involvement was covered up, or that apparently the way it was covered up is that only the boys who were among the teen vandals will be charged—the girls will only be treated as witnesses. How's that for Republican feminism?



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