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Mar 10 2010
Enquirer Doesn't Ask, Just Tells Comments (17)

944-jeremy_renner National Enquirer (March 22, 2010) passive-aggressively outs The Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner (cleverly playing on his military role by invoking "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" as how he is living his life) in a new story, which quotes a former acting coach as saying:

"I have never had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy's boyfriend, but the fact that Jeremy is gay has never been a primary concern."

The mag's only other "evidence" comes in the form of quoteless insinuations that he's a "song-and-dance man with an affinity for show tunes," has a "passion" to become a makeup artist and is less interested in tough roles than he is in landing "more emotionally complex parts." Oh, that and the fact that he  once told producers of a Jeffrey Dahmer movie that he "had no problem acting gay."


I know what you're thinking... 

Oh, and he took his mom to the Oscars. (Okay, this is a lot of circumstantial evidence! Or, if you prefer, this is a lot of circumstantial evidence!)

Jeremy-renner I find all of this especially interesting because the tabloids seem so reluctant to out entrenched stars, yet do seem to target newcomers from time to time to out—which is what this is, because they're going out of their way to use a quote from the hometown acting coach that was published elsewhere so could easily have been ignored. (P.S. It's clear Enquirer didn't get that quote directly from the coach, but Google shows no reference to it appearing anywhere. Perhaps they got it from a sneaky stringer?)

But as for some National Enquirer-style sleuthing (hey, they have often been right!) of my own, I noticed that when Meredith Vieira teased Anthony Mackie about all of his hugs with Renner at the Oscars (which by the way, I didn't take as gay-baiting so much as I thought she was joking that she was interested in him romantically, so didn't want the competition), she asked, "Do I have reason to be worried?"


Man-sized love

Mackie said, "Not from me. No reason." Not from me.

Also, when it was rumored that Renner had hit on Jessica Simpson at the Oscars, he went out of his way to deny the story to Us, which is out of the ordinary. (Though I can't blame him—my immediate thought when reading that he'd been after her was, "Yuck!")

His quote? "I'm not a ladies' man. I'm a working man! That's all."

No matter what the truth is about his sexuality, he doesn't seem uptight about speculation...and seems to have a lot more humor than his serious air suggests.




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