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Mar 30 2010
Baby June's Final Bow Comments (3)

JuneHovickJuneHavoc1920 June Havoc—Baby June, she who was immortalized against her will in Gypsy, based on sis Gypsy Rose Lee's life story—has died at the ripe old age of 97.

There was plenty to the story of her life (and that of her mother's) that was 10 times more theatrical than what we saw in Gypsy.

It's incredible to realize that in order to have lived and performed during that Golden Age of Hollywood, stars would have to be in their eighties and nineties today. There are so few left.

Here is an even more recent interview (I believe). She looked great and seemed unaffected by age.

Be Careful With His Heart Comments (17)

I 100% agree with this post by Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano regarding Ricky Martin coming out and how too many people (even gay people) have laughed it off as inconsequential news or as being far too late to mean anything. He correctly identifies the major reasons: How jaded some gay people are in their cocoons where gayness is no big deal and our U.S.-centric views. 

My own take on Ricky was probably better summed up on my Facebook: Welcome aboard, Ricky (even if you were a stowaway for 30 or so years.)

Giving Them A Hand Comments (7)

As regular readers might know, I recently attended (and reviewed) Stuffed & Unstrung, the new adults-only puppet review that is in NYC's Union Square for a run. But what nobody knew until now was that I agreed to do a quick bit with the puppets...the results, while not huh-larious, are kinda fun:

As for my probing question about which of the puppets is secretly gay, all I know is that off-camera, one of the one puppeteer's free hands was up me.

(P.S. This was shot at midnight, so gimme a break on looking like Snuffleupagus.)

Swaggots Comments (2)
UnicornUnicorn Booty is not a site devoted to sexual fantasies involving mythical horned creatures. Instead, it's an LGBT social networking site founded by partners Kevin Farrell and Nick Vivion that focuses on giving away free goodies (you thought the "booty" referred to something else?) to its surfers.

Businesses seeking to target gay consumers take over Unicorn Booty's home page for a day offering prizes, and all we have to do is enter to win. It seems like a nice way to reward gay-friendly companies with exposure, plus the site gives away 10% of its proceeds from advertising to a new non-profit each quarter. (First up, Seattle's Lifelong AIDS Alliance.)


The site launches April 15 by offering a free iPad (without Apple's participation...something to prime the pump, I suppose). Though upcoming prizes will be hot, undoubtedly, you won't find anything too hot—Unicorn Booty will not be offering anything pornographic. Which is okay, since porn is pretty much free on every other site in the world these days anyway.

Madonna In The Middle Comments (3)
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Madonna speaks with ET about her upcoming Material Girl fashion line, saying a material girl cares about how she looks but "we have to have a sense of humor." She comes across as very chatty and down to earth, though seems to think Macy's is "in the middle of Times Square," suggesting the last time she was in Times Square was when that cab driver dropped her off there 30 years ago! 
Going GaGa Comments (3)

I haven't yet read the "How This Little Girl Became Lady GaGa" cover story in New York, but I can't wait thanks to that brilliant design. Look at that mug! And I couldn't resist: 


Damages Comments (0)

Sarah Palin wants desperately for the media to leave her kids alone (or rather, the opposite—so she can bitch and moan about how unfairrr it all is), but it's kinda hard when her children are doing noteworthy things, like being secretly pregnant with the love child of a future Playgirl model or, say, helping to vandalize a home to the tune of $20,000 before getting away without charges due to her parents' Alaskan pipeline of connections. Willow Palin, it seems, was very likely involved in said vandalism, or was even the ringleader—but it's been covered up. This is exactly what a Palin presidency would be like—incredible destruction, bald-faced lying and cover-up after cover-up. 

I'm not sure if the worst part of the story is that Willow's involvement was covered up, or that apparently the way it was covered up is that only the boys who were among the teen vandals will be charged—the girls will only be treated as witnesses. How's that for Republican feminism?

Battlefield Mirth Comments (0)


J.D. Shapiro, the original (and still a credited writer) of the John Travolta Scientology disaster Battlefield Earth (2000), released a hilarious statement regarding its selection as the worst movie of the past decade—and accepted his Razzie in person.

Battlefield_Earth-travolta I loved reading his account of how he at first resisted Scientology only to discover he was never pressured into studying it, then later how the true hard-sell involved changing his gritty script into the LOL-athon the movie ultimately became. It makes sense that the Scientologists wouldn't push him too hard to join up—their end game was to have a respectable, reasonably talented, legit writer make Battlefield Earth seem less of the recruitment tool they would later pull strings to make sure it was.

If you've never seen it, don't! But read Shapiro's account here...it's not only more entertaining than most movies (let alone Travolta movies, let alone Battlefield Earth), it's also short!


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