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Mar 03 2010
Suicidal Tendencies Comments (18)

I've critiqued the Osmonds in the past, but I sure do feel sorry for Marie, whose son committed suicide in a spectacular and spectacularly thoughtless way. I understand that clinical depression can drive people to kill themselves, but for her son Michael to leave a note only for a friend—and to do so in such a way that the friend would put two and two together only moments after he did the deed—seems beyond the pale even for someone who no longer wants to live. 

Now, National Enquirer (March 15, 2010) is first out of the gate with a thought that probably crossed a lot of minds when the news first broke—they claim Michael was gay:

"'I think Michael was distraught because he was conflicted over his sexuality and didn't believe he could ever come out as a gay man to his religious Mormon family,' said a family insider. At least one of Michael's uncles was openly hostile to gay people, said the source."

Understandably, Marie—who has spoken with acceptance of her lesbian daughter—is said to be suicidal herself (She overdosed in 2006 and has written about her battles with post-partum depression.)



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