A Time To Change: Anna Paquin Comes Out As Bisexual Gays & Thespians 

Apr 01 2010
Big Darling Comments (2)

3733787350_156afa604b_m Matt Dillon lounges in Italian Vanity Fair (31 Marzo 2010).

In the article, he's asked if he could turn play? gay. Dillon's reply (with thanks to Giulio for a rough translation) is along the lines of:

'Sure, I'd love to. I don't put any limits on myself. There are way too many limits being put on me.'

Could he be on the verge of coming out? (Not if the translation is all about playing gay...unless he would play gay with no cameras around.) I'd always heard rumors. All I know is the one time I saw him in person, he walked toward me across a street in the Village and I felt like Kristy McNichol and Tatum O'Neal all rolled into one.

Matt-dillon-20070825-302990 He's still looking pretty damn good. I'm distracted by the eyejob that has made him resemble a slightly younger Bruce Campbell. Nothing wrong with resembling Bruce Campbell if you're Bruce Campbell. His hair's a bit Rupert Everett, too. 

But he's almost 50 and would still be a great choice for the person to whom one might give one's virginity.




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