Wolf's Six-Pack Bug In Your Ass 

Apr 23 2010
He Will Wear You Out? Comments (6)

PreviewScreenSnapz002Did Ricky Martin come out of the closet in order to beat a sex video out of the gate? I'm not sure, but this site (NSFW) has images that purport to show Ricky biting off exactly as much as he can chew. I have no idea if these images are newly released on the Web. The images are censored even at the site and are closely cropped, making authentication difficult. But I believe the article also says there is (and these are from) a video.

We'll know soon enough.

UPDATE: An eagle-eyed expert points out that there is a tattoo on "Ricky's" back between his shoulder blades in the sex pictures that does not seem to be on his body in other pictures:


Seems like this is a case of a pretty good look-alike? 

FINAL UPDATE: We have a winner! (Thanks, Logan. Think you're right.)




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