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May 07 2010
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"Fell in Love with an Android" (who wouldn't rather fuck a robot?)

TheRoxyMy pal Simon Curtis had his debut show at The Roxy in L.A. last night, opening for ex-Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean. I'm thinking A.J. might be regretting following such a highly produced and polished opener! Simon's a Britney disciple with a lot more depth in his pop than that fact might suggest.

The supercatchy "Super Psycho Love"

SafariScreenSnapz001He attracted quite a few stars to see him, including Adam Lambert (who plans to work with him on his next record), Matt Dallas (pictured), Jason Biggs, Darren Hayes, Josh Hutcherson (one of his best friends). That's not even counting RJ Durell (of Madonna and Britney fame and infamy), who put together the impressive choreography and so was there as part of the production.

"Don't Wanna Be Alone"—can't you hear this on the radio?

I've written about Simon's 8Bit Heart album (free to download here) before, but while I count him as a friend and would like to think I played a small part in "discovering" him, I wouldn't back him in this way if I didn't think he had incredible talent. I mean, this is his first-ever stage show and it compares favorably to some of the artists he admires.

True or falsetto: "8-Bit Heart"

I can't wait to see and hear what's next from him.


Post-show kisses for SimonDaily. Photos and videos from here. 



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