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May 17 2010
White Hot Comments (4)

John Barrowman makes the cut, as do the gay power couple below

NPH-David-Burtka-neil-patrick-harris-936657_361_500AfterElton has published its Hot 100 (lawyers for Billboard, are you listening?) and—surprisingly!—the top seven are all out. Also surprisingly, there are only six men of color on the entire list. Yes, this counts Hispanics! This blows my mind. The site charitably decides it's probably due to a lack of diversity in the entertainment world (really?). Maybe the list needs to be vetted closely to be sure some of the guys aren't secretly men of color—you know, like how Mark-Paul Gosselaar—who didn't make the list—is Asian. Yup, he's an American dewd with a Dutch dad and an Indonesian mom.

P.S. Can anyone please prove to me that the picture used to illustrate #47 (really??? that low???) Bradley Cooper is him? I've challenged this shot before. I don't think it's him:




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