And The Leak Goes On Rush Judgment Deferred 

Jun 14 2010
She's Not Her Comments (17)

With thanks to Keith: As seen in the comments section of the above fun video, Madonna fans continue their anxious, inexplicably defensive arguments that Lady GaGa is an image thief and unworthy heir to the throne. The reason I don't get the defensiveness is...Madonna's had more critical recognition in the past few years (the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, the Glee coronation) than ever—she's the universally acknowledged Queen of Pop and nobody, not even GaGa, denies that she's done it all. Yet as if GaGa were Paula Abdul and as if the year were 1989, Madonna's fans smell a challenge. (And the press seems to be siding with Madonna—yay!—despite hating on her back in the day—boo!)


Madonna's the alpha and the omega—eh, eh (nothing else I can say). I don't like that Madonna's savvy fans are beginning to sound like—gulp!—Mariah's lambs, or like teen girls hissing that Jonas Brothers were the original "JB," not Justin Bieber.

The video is fun to watch, even if many if not most of the comparisons are a huge stretch (Madonna once sat in a car and was filmed in GaGa sitting in a car being filmed in black-and-white must have been inspired by it...GaGa swallowing a rosary was like when Madonna licked her false eyelashes???). I do love comparisons so it's still worth a watch. I like pointing out anything that reminds me of other things, even if it's debatable whether one inspired the other (I've almost never blogged about GaGa without a Madonna reference); our own observations trump the intentions of those we observe.

UPDATE: Let's get strategic, honey...We need Lady GaGa to put out a Sex book and to do a whole CD knocking off American seems like she's the best thing that's happened to Madonna in ages because anything she does like Madonna forces the critics to say, "Madonna was first and did it better!" We can use her to rewrite Ma-history!



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