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Jun 27 2010
The Real LGBTs Of New York Comments (10)


IMG_6645 José and I went to the gay pride parade our first year together but skipped it many years in a row; it can burn you out considering so many of the contingencies are gay-friendly churches (but still...churches), politicians and random people in undecorated cars. I love a parade, but I can take or leave a procession.


He gets my vote as King of Queens 

IMG_6652 But for the past few years, I've made a point of going to check it out. I agree with Joe completely that it's important for everybody to go—and that there is no "real" gay person, no such thing as an LGBT person who "makes us look bad."

If anything, I think the parade is about the very serious issue of our right to be what some others might find silly, and our right to giddily embrace the fact that there are enough of us around to cripple Manhattan for a day.


Marilyn as First Lady on that fateful Dallas day 

IMG_7562The G-string of doom 

IMG_6666The only star I saw was Real Housewives of New York victim-princess Bethenny Frankel, who's grown on me a lot over the years (not unlike an unwanted hair, but one that eventually is so enormous you can't bear to pluck it). I thought she looked good, but a young guy behind me, who'd been leading the, "Who is 'Bethenny'???" cries finished by saying, "She's UGLY. Go home." Harsh, even for me.


Not ugly were her two sexy boytoy walkers. But...where is that "gay" husband? He'd have looked aces marching beside her with his titties out.

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Jessica Hahn looks great!

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