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Jun 06 2010
There's (At Least!) One In Every Boyband Comments (16)

Angelo Garcia, once the youngest-ever member of Menudo and a bandmate of Ricky Martin's, has come out as gay in the pages of TV Notas (Junio 8, 2010). In the piece, he says he's never been closeted: "I'm very honest about who I am, but I don't like labels...people need to understand that someone's sexuality doesn't make the person. I'm more than that, a son, brother a musician..." But I believe he is confirming his identity publicly for the first time on the heels of appearing nude in a gay magazine.

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Angelo (far right) when he was in Menudo

SafariScreenSnapz003 He says he wasn't surprised when Ricky Martin came out, though he never saw Martin with a man or woman and assumed he was asexual (and no, they never fucked—he was 10 when Martin was 18, y'all). Martin had his own private room apart from the others.

Garcia theorizes their manager might have thought Martin was gay and kept him from his impressionable bandmates, or Martin may have had a private room as a perk since he was the eldest Menudo.

31292_113287582040897_100000789686571_77483_7472601_n As for his dating life, Garcia confirms he has been with famous actors (notably some in telenovelas)...but coyly won't name names since they're not out.

In case you were wondering, Garcia is still an active performer (and obviously a bodybuilder who thinks too much of a good thing is never enough—wow).

UPDATE: Straight from Angelo, here are some awww-inducing pictures of him with his current boyfriend John:


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