Ends Of The World X 11 Burying The Lede 

Jun 10 2010
Work It Out Comments (6)

Here's a juicy gay-sex scandal from National Enquirer (June 21, 2010): a porn star named Bruce Headrick (aka "Blake McDonald") claims he was a gay hustler frequented by Richard Simmons in the '80s. Keep in mind that Richard Simmons is NOT OUT OF THE CLOSET. 

The first time they had sex, Simmons answered the door and said, "Shhh! We'll have to be quiet. My mother's asleep upstairs." He's also described as "a lovely guy, but not particularly attractive"...as if we've never seen him.

Apparently, Simmons was into giving full-body massages with extra oil. Thank God NE broke this story, or I might never have guessed any of this.




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