Freaky Friday Ruffalo Goes Gay 

Jul 12 2010
MEMO: Queen Latifah Will Never Come Out Comments (17)


Queen Latifah equates acknowledging being a lesbian with sharing a very intimate aspect of her "personal, personal" life, and seems to say that people who own up to their identities are publicity-hungry. 

From a Larry King appearance:

"I live my write about my life, you write about what you see. I share with the public the things that we should share...We should share music, I mean, we should share my music, let's share films, let's share that, let's share thoughts about positive things, let's share those things. But what happens in my personal, personal life is my personal business."

No one's asking you to describe what it's like eating out your lover, La, it just would be nice if you'd treat your sexual identity as you do your gender or your race or any other extremely salient, basic fact of your existence. Keeping only one aspect of your private life private makes that aspect seem dirty. The media going along with you just reinforces that impression.

Or it might just be about that Queen Latifah brand she references in the clip; and if so, then be a woman and say, "I want as much money as I can get and if I talk too much about who I am, I might make less of it."

Mike_0644P.S. In the same interview, she defended Jersey Shore as "neighborly" and said people like to be entertained by reality shows. "People like watching other people's lives. That's just what it is."



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